I received a request to create a price list of Australian food items and the equivalent price you would pay in the USA.

The information below was collected over the past 3 weeks and is based on the average price of some day-to-day food items. Remember U/S 75cents = AU $1-00

It should also give you a fair idea of what other items may cost.

The right hand column is what you will pay in U/S dollars for

these items if you buy in Australia. Scotch Fillet U/S $3.95

OrAUS $5.26 per pound, $ 10.52 per Two pounds, Two and a qtr

lbs =1 kilo Cost Aus/$ 11.50.

BEEFAUS per kgUSA per kgUSA per lb
Scotch FilletAUD $11.50USD $8.66USD $3.85
T-Bone SteakAUD $9.00USD $6.75USD $3.00
Rump SteakAUD $8.50USD $6.37USD $2.83
Round SteakAUD $8.00USD $6.00USD $2.66
Sirloin Steak or JointAUD $7.50USD $5.62USD $2.49
RibsAUD $8.00USD $6.00USD $2.66
Blade SteakAUD $5.50USD $4.12USD $1.83
Chuck SteakAUD $6.50USD 4.87USD $2.16
Veal Cuts
Add 25% to Above Prices
Offal etcAUD $3.50USD $2.62USD $1.16
LAMBAUS per kgUSA per kgUSA per lb
Leg of LambAUD $6.45USD $4.83USD $2.86
CutletsAUD $16.00USD $12.00USD $5.32
Rack of CutletsAUD $14.00USD $10.50USD $4.66
ShoulderAUD $5.25USD $3.93USD $1.41
Leg ChopsAUD $9.50USD $7.12USD $3.16
Forequarter ChopsAUD $5.25USD $3.93USD $1.41
Chump ChopsAUD $8.25USD $6.18USD $2.74
Ribs/BreastAUD $3.00USD $2.25USD $1.00
Offal etc
Similar to Beef
PORKAUS per kgUSA per kgUSA per lb
Leg of PorkAUD $5.50USD $4.12USD $1.83
ShoulderAUD $4.00USD $3.00USD $1.33
Fillet of PorkAUD $12.00USD $9.00USD $4.00
Cutlets & RackAUD $12.00USD $9.00USD $4.00
Forequarter ChopsAUD $6.00USD $4.50USD $2.00
Loin ChopsAUD $8.50USD $6.37USD $2.83
SausagesAUD $4.00USD $3.00USD $1.33
CHICKENAUS per kgUSA per kgUSA per lb
FreshAUD $5.00USD $3.75USD $1.66
FrozenAUD $3.50USD $2.62USD $1.16
DrumsticksAUD $3.00USD $2.25USD $1.00
BreastAUD $8.50USD $6.37USD $3.83
Eggs - 1 dozen smallAUD $1.50USD $1.12USD $0.50
VEGETABLESAUS per kgUSA per kgUSA per lb
Green BeansAUD $2.75USD $2.06USD $0.91
CauliflowerAUD $1.95USD $1.46USD $0.61
BroccoliAUD $2.50USD $1.87USD $0.83
CarrotsAUD $1.00USD $0.75USD $0.33
Celery - bunchAUD $2.50USD $1.87USD $0.83
PotatoesAUD $1.50USD $1.12USD $0.50
ParsnipsAUD $6.50USD $4.97USD $2.16
SwedeAUD $3.50USD $2.62USD $1.16
Cabbage - SavoyAUD $1.00USD $0.75USD $0.33
Onions - BrownAUD $1.25USD $0.93USD $0.41
Onions - SpanishAUD $2.75USD $2.06USD $0.91
MushroomsAUD $7.00USD $5.25USD $2.32


Angelique said…
Hey, Vest, what is a swede besides it being a person from Sweden? I know by your list it's a vegetable but what kind? I have never heard of it or seen it before. Thanks for the info and I am suprised by how many meat parts I don't know and how I have never eaten lamb before. I know that you can eat it with mint jelly, am I missing anything?
Vest said…
Angelique:Hi P F. Google will give you the answers with regard to cuts of meat various; like beef pork and lamb. My knowledge of meat cuts comes from observing the signs at butchery depts, there are a lot more than I mentioned,and I am sure someone will point these out, providing they take interest in this post.
SWEDE: Is a round ball shaped vegetable, ave 3-5inches when mature, it has a light yellow flesh,yellowy to purple peel.a little bit like a turnip or k/size radish, used chopped for soups stews casseroles and a table veg.
Roast-Baked ? lamb coat with mustard and Chopped rosemary, and dont forget the mint sauce, you will love it.
Anonymous said…
heello mr vest, its a pity your so old as my daughter seems to have a certain leaning toward you but its all harm less fun so she says, your a clever old stick to work out them prices, have fun.
Vest said…
K M, yes K and I have some serious differences, I am spoken for and old, Kate is outspoken, young and beautiful also too tall 6-3 me 5-11, I would need T Cruise shoes. BTW, you are quite a charmer too.

Prices: Dead easy to figure, all you require is a brain.
Anonymous said…
What about quality?
Vest said…
Aggie: The so called Quality butcher only exists in the minds of people who live in 'Up market suburbs like Vaucluse, Rose Bay and Potts Point in Sydney, where its an affront to the well heeled shopper to see vulgar price tags and who are served by butchers wearing traditional Boater (Hat)and blue striped apron.
The fresh meat industry is very competitive, particularly between rival supermarket chainstores and also between groups of several butcher shops which trade within a small community,.
Watch out for the sole traders without competition, they have a monopoly and charge according to the cut of your cloth.
Also watch out for the extra weight of the butchers thumb on the scales.
Anonymous said…
Like ive said before mate them yanks only exist for there own lot-couldn't give a stuff about us unless there bleeding us for something -ive been listning to there bleating and whingeing for years and im nearly as old as you..
what amazes me is they agree with every one about anything an everything onthere blog,, they wont like if they think were getting cheaper meat than them,
Go long into the day mate- fred
Ouch, you guys pay a lot for food. H and I were just talking yesterday about how, when you try to eat healthy, it's so expensive, but if you go buy junk food, it's much cheaper. :-/
Vest said…
notta W.A lot of lousey mathematicians are crawling out of the woodwork, I am getting some bad email info about the the price guide, we buy in kilos, rarely anything less.
our dollar = 75 U/S rate..
A kilo = 2lbs-4 ounces aprox
The right hand column is the price we pay here in Australia if we paid in U/S Dollars.
Example: today my local supermarket is selling Beef blade steak or blade roast at AUS/$5-00 per kilo or in other words I can buy One lb of steak for Aus/$2-22.
If I paid in U/S$ it would be $1-56
And paying 33 cents U/S for a pound of carrots is hardly what you might call expensive.
From what I can gather a lot of emailers replying are among the not too bright variety. however thats hardly my fault.I suggest they focus on the right hand column. Thanks N W for your comment.
Vest said…
Fred from Melbourne, please don't stir the can, I am in contact with quite a few people on the Nth American continent and the vast majority are nice down to earth people like you and I and again in most cases very pleasant to communicate call again and thanks for the pleasantries.
Anonymous said…
mr vest why have you blocked my emails, assuming then you did not aprove of my sense of humour, i mean about the abbos its good aussie humour an roo meat why wasn't it on your list,fred
Vest said…
Fred,today was to be the day of joyful happenings following heaps of grief from a few weirdo bloggers who use phoney e addresses. "Not funny guys".
My day was marred by the weather when it bucketed down for twelve hours straight.
One regular blogger e mailed me asking why I dont respond to her posts now and then, I checked back and discovered I was leading 7 to her 3 regular e mailer has not been here to comment since early July. I think Fred it is because the majority of woman talk more than they listen, similar to an Irish parliament.
Listen and learn is the key factor and the reason only a handful of women make suitable leaders. Do you remember that young Italian woman real gorgeous politician they called Titsalena with nice wobblies(hooters)but then there was that blokey looking Maggie Thatcher-good lord Fred who would want to breed with that except for high reward.
Now Fred I'll fix up the email again, but watch it mate ok.
Ah my after din din J W's , thats better.
Anonymous said…
hey freddy boy nice to my old mate vestie or ill send my gran round to sort you out sport...ive been on the blowerto vestie just now as i live in sydney near him he sez you pissed him off about knocking our native bretheren i think thats what he said and about Roo meat... yeah thats it... listen sport Abos dont buy roo meat they just spear one ...and it tastes like shite you eat it
Anonymous said…
someone who ever notta wallflower is can't do math that well, it is the right hand list is what you down unders pay in U S dollars thats my guess, if so thats less than we in New Jersey pay, lot o work in that list-you are one patient guy vest.
Anonymous said…
my wife tells me that most americans dont know anything about money exchange rates- least of all combining it with- pounds and kilograms- we are so behind in the economic field that its only the military might of the u/states that keeps us from the brink.
Vest said…
you are probably right Dominic, if few Americans come in contact with the metric system you will always have that problem, if the semetic finance controllers in America could find an economical pathway to convert from the age old British stoneage system it would be forced upon you overnight.
Dominic, the rammifications of this change-over involve re-educating the masses, retooling and labling, this would involve greater taxes to cover the cost. not an easy task.
Anonymous said…
I reckon them geezers living the other side of the pond have heads as thick as bricks.
my arms ok now and i'm back at work. I call sharons dad-dad now, he's a nice bloke.
Vest said…
Zed:I suppose that would depend on which side of the pond you are speaking from, luckily I am aware you are an OZ citizen, expect something back on that one.
Anonymous said…
FkYyvn The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
eH5mYK write more, thanks.

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