HI folks , Its going to be a busy time for me during the next four weeks, apart from the normal chores around the mansion(cant get good servants anymore).
This morning I have to take the car in for inspection prior to registration; as it now over three years old and at the same time pick up fuel for(start you bastard)our lawn mower, then of course the grass has to be cut today before it rains again. The nearest and dearest is going with a friend to buy gifts for the two Christenings and five birthdays we have to fork out for; not including her's and mine, and shortly I shall hear "I'll buy a new dress for the Christening while we are out darling" and to follow will be, "No dear, you will look fine in that tux I bought you five years ago.
The good news is I shall be getting an increase on my Navy pension and more still if I succeed in the next medical on the June 29, it will help towards my income tax payable on our five sources of income and outgoings to friends in need. Now I'll have my brekky, be back.
Change of plans. Wife will go shopping tomorrow and have hair done as well $86-oo, reason- well its pissing down with rain all of a sudden. Wife has told me go to ahead get the car thingy done and fuel for(S Y B) the Lawn Mower. she will also pop down the club to pay our annual fees and sort out arrangements for a funeral we have to attend. the deceased is a young man, an ex employee of the club and a personal friend 23 yrs old Steve died from a Aneurysm so we are told, its so sad.
I'll be back later on, too much to think about and do sooner or later.


Vest said…
On top of all that it is our 53rd anniversary tomorrow, sorry dearest, darn it nearly forgot again.
Jim said…
Michele is closing JAZZ COFFEE shop

sorry to hear about STEVE

happy anniversary
Vest said…
Thanks Saby; Its surprising how nice you can be if you try.
Anonymous said…
I remember Steve, nice person, so young and so sad.
Wow, a lot going on for you. Seems like, when it rains, it pours. :-/

Happy Anniversary.
Vest said…
Thanks guys for your comments, best wishes and condolences.
BTW it is still piddling down here on the cent/coast ever since I wrote the post, grass still waiting to be cut, S Y B our lawn mower is chuckling.
Anonymous said…
Jim said…
u old fart

sorry pal
i hadnt said antying nasty for quite a while
ever since michele stopped posting

i am feeling better now
tank u
Vest said…
Good morning all, thank you one very nice person for the regular supply of humor via E mail.

It is 8-40 am Mond morn in oz, not a lot has happened since Sat on blogger, apart from one person, who takes it upon himself to be rude to another person; whose comments occasionally escape deletion on this blog.

Richard Cranium: On the previous comment. please go to Saby's website if you wish to abuse him, do not unload your foul expletives here, until an apology is heard from you, you will be unwelcome.
Jim said…
apology ??
kiss my black ass

u sonovabitch
Vest said…
Richard cranium is none other than saby himself it seems, I have so far uncovered seven saby aka's.
He is now into self admonishment.
Anonymous said…
Hi Grandpa,

Tell Grandma thank you for the lovely gifts for Paige and Brianna. Thank you both for coming. See you at Dads 50th.

Vest said…
For those people whose blogsites have yet to experience the Saby plague.
Saby is a person of Portuguese -Indian extraction, as in Anglo or Euro Indian, I get a feeling he lives in southern India and was probably born in the ex Portuguese - Goa enclave due to his surname being Dasouza.
Saby has aproximately 40 sites that he posts on, most portray a high content of unseemly to down right rank filth.
Saby also has the following alter ego's, Jim, Julia,Dawana, Keshi, Richard Cranium and others that I shall mention sooner or later, after many months of antagonism on the 'Michelle' blog site, Michelle has fled the scene all due to the non stop harangue by Sahib Saby Dasouza, whose mind fluctuates from insane insanitary statements to those of calm unctious civility.
I have tried giving him a hard serve in return, being polite, comment moderation and deletion.
I have even descended to the point of evil in my thoughts when thinking of devious ways to eliminate this noxtious parasite. So in desperation I shall welcome any legal practical suggestion which would help the cause. vest
Scott said…
Even across continents relationships are the same. Loved the nickname for the mower.
Anonymous said…
Everyday flag his sight on
Vest said…
Thank you Kylie for for your message, passed on as requested. We also thank you and your in laws who made it a memorable day on Sunday 25th. Yes we will be there on the 1st July for your Dads 50th celebs, his 50th today, uncle David on 29th, G/Ms 5th, mine 16th, I will be awarded the O B O E, Old Bastards Over Eighty.
Jim said…
O B O E,

i hope i never get there
Jim said…
now dat i am nearing dat age
i am having second tots

i just noticed all the young girls flock here, Michele too

mebbe when i am 80 she will fall in love wid me
Vest said…
anonymous: saby's blogsites are full of filth and comments from mostly sick people.Simply time wasting.
Vest said…
saby: Go dive off a cliff.

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