The first person in Australia to be found guilty of possessing sex slaves has been awarded ten years in the slammer. Melbourne -Australia Brothel madam Wei Tang 44 wept as she was sentenced to ten years in jail when found guilty on five charges of possessing a slave and five of owning a slave.
The Court was told five Thai sex workers were smuggled here with a promise they would be eventually be able to work legally in the sex trade. But they were told they first had to work off a debt of about AU$45,000 each.


Anonymous said…
thats ^*(#$^%$ weird . i always thought a brothel was a spanish pot that soup was cooked in.
Vest said…
Nah Zed, what you probably Dont remember, was your mama telling you that, you would end up in the soup if she caught you in the brothel, just a thought thats all.
Anonymous said…
Hi zed-- i think vestie is taking the mickey mate-- Its a BORDELLO the spanish cook there soup in.
Anonymous said…
and you can get your meat and two veg cooked several ways in a bordello
I thought brothels were illegal. I guess not in Australia...
Vest said…
NOTTA W: Yes i'm afraid so, brothels are legal in Australia , apparently, but must be registered and follow strict guidelines, of which I am not familiar with nor would wish to be.
Joke: Sailors going ashore on liberty were being inspected before being allowed to proceed.
Officer says to sweet smelling sailor"If I smelled like that my wife would think I had been in a brothel" The sailor replied
"Sir My wife would not

thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Notta W; Should read "Sir My wife would not know what a brothel smelled like.

Michele said…
It's too bad you had to
put moderation on again.
That little sob,he has
promised to leave me alone
i hope he keeps his word.
Ha, ha - that's pretty good, Vest. :-P
Angelique said…
Is prostitution legal in Australia? I had no idea. Those poor women who got conned in to working for that madam. The prostitutes here in Austin, TX get lots of business when the state government is in session but you can also find them by calling an escort service or going to a massage parlor not that I would know. For reals.
Vest said…
Angelique. Hi pretty face.
It is much the same here in Oz, these places of ill repute in the main cater for the visiting execs - pollies - visiting -firemen and of course tourists from overseas; some who take home a momento from their lustful adventures.
Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Notta: Of course brothels are legal what else would spanish migrants cook their soup in.

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