The distraught parents of the stillborn baby girl are bracing themselves for the worst possible news-Their Baby Daughter was thrown away, the hospital admin say's it was a tragic mistake.
The 33 year old mother from western Sydney gave birth enroute by ambulance to Blacktown Mat/Hospital, nine days later the mother was informed that her stillborn baby named Angelina had 'Gone Missing'.
Western Sydney health area chief exec Stephen Boyages states the expected conclusion is the baby was disposed of by tragic circumstances and unreservedly apologises to the distressed parents
The family said they had come to terms with the death of their daughter, but could never recover from the loss of baby Angelina's body; described by the hospital as a 'systems error' when the hospital staff knew the baby was missing five days after the birth and kept the info from the parents for a further three days.
Professor Boyages said if the finding is that baby angelina was thrown away by mistake there is no way of proving how and when it happened.
Angelina's father said the last time they saw their daughter was when she was taken from the arms of her sleeping mother hours after she was stillborn on the way to the hospital. "All we want is answers. Thats all,(political promises) don't mean anything he said.

Some excerpts plus Condensed version of press releases. will try to follow up Vest.


Anonymous said…
Not sure what to say its just frightening, I read about it yesterday in the D/T Newspaper.
Anonymous said…
May have been stolen for body parts
That's horrible - I've heard of hospitals making all sorts of mistakes...
Anonymous said…
Mr vest, You are good aussie bloke we will get that saby the elephant boy with big bang
Anonymous said…
Yeah vest that milk from cows is not good for humans, did i detect a can stir there. On scrunch?
Anonymous said…
I meant to tell you being a hampshire hog from Eng in the eightties I remember the slogan
The yankee slogan was probablly
Swill a gallon of milk a day
If you'r in the family way.
The bigget ass thats ever been
Was that yankee lass
With a 5 foot beam.
Vest said…
Girt by sea: No I do not wish to communicate on Skype with you, it is restricted to family and friends, any how I have enough friends who owe me money.
I do not recall all of your milk ditty, only the first two lines, where I'm not sure.
Sensed some collusion between you and Gordon on that other blog today, am I correct? thanks for calling.
Pugs said…
Hey vest... thanks for leaving a comment on my blog yesterday, am returning the favour.
Nice to meet up with another sea-fairing guy.
Memories serve me well when we visited Melbourne on the RFA Resource 1973, got put in the nic for 3 days, alcohol
The cops over there ain't half rough on people ain't they!
Jim said…
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Vest said…
Pugs. Not half as bad as those spanish onions. I spent two days in La Linea Slammer over the border from Gib 51 while on the A/C Indomitable. Real bad accomodation. What do you do for a crust now, or are you out to pasture?.
Anonymous said…
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Vest said…
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Vest said…
Gordon: G By Sea has admitted that it was he and you who upset scrunch on his blog, unfortunately I deleted it by mistake.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie --bloggers been out all day--just got back on-- ive been crook today--bad cold
yes it was me and gbs sorry.
Vest said…
Latest: Baby was removed from mortuary trolley and replaced by a large dead bloke. The baby was placed with foetuses temporarily on a shelf and forgotten; then removed shortly after for cremation.
The lawyers of the parents are now hovering overhead in readiness to grab the lions share of the dosh they can squeeze out of the already deplenished with funds State Hospital Services.
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Oops! this is pity awful to hear, thanks for sharing post.
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