The following is a few excerpts extracted and condensed from the local Sydney Australia news papers following this macabre story.
According to her barrister, Katherine Knight's murder of her husband was a unremarkable domestic killing.
The fact that she stabbed her De-facto husband John Price 37 times and skinned and mutilated his body was not heinous enough to deserve spending the rest of her life behind bars. John Stratton SC public defender stated, in a bid to have her sentence reduced.
Knight 50 sat in the dock wearing a silver cross and heard she would be the first Australian woman to be jailed for the term of her natural life.
Defence lawyer John Stratton stated, what took her crime outside the ordinary range of gravity of a domestic murder, was what she did to John Price after the murder but it was not enough to take it into the worst kind of murder.
Now this will make your hair curl.
Knight, a slicer and packer at the Aberdeen Abattoir meticulously skinned Mr Price's body and hung the skin on a hook in a doorway in his house.
She cooked parts of his buttocks and served them up with vegetables and gravy on a dining room table set with name cards for Mr Price's three children.
His decapitated head was found in a pot on the stove.
The defence claimed that a maximum of two years is usually awarded for interfering with a corpse, and the judge had not taken into consideration that she had been a victim of domestic violence.
However crown prosecutor said that the judge had concluded it had been Knight not her three previous partners who was the aggressor. A case like this has features of barbarism that we have never heard of in this state. The crown prosecutor concluded stating that, Knight was a cruel vindictive and violent woman who killed her husband out of revenge because he had ended their relationship.

What are you having for dinner tonight? BTW dont forget the gravy and vegies, Slurp Slurp. Umm.


Jeannie said…
Ugh! The woman had to be mental! Why didn't she plead insanity? Bet nobody wants her working in the kitchen in prison...
Vest said…
Being piddly widly again I have sorta stuffed up once more, my reply is on your site, not the best time for me to be doing this, explain later.
Michele said…
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Jim said…
read about dis
i tot it was VEST in the gravy
Vest said…
Saby: It was a person named John Price who had his head boiled, surely you can read? A number of people have been in touch with me and all said they were hoping John Price was another of your aliases,now you turn up and spoil the allusion
Vest said…
typo, allusion read illusion
Angelique said…
Yikes, that woman scares me. I know I get annoyed by my husband but I never thought about killing him and eating him or feeding him to family. Dang, I feel so normal. Thanks, Vest.
Goodness, that is awful. You know, there is just no excuse for that - the killing and everything else. Maybe she did all the extra things so she might be deemed as "insane" and get a lighter sentence?
Jim said…
Heyyyyyyyy Vest

we been had
Michele is a guy
Jim said…
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Jim said…
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Vest said…
Saby: you are being rude again, two comments deleted.

Jeanie: Dont worry about her being the cook in the jail, unless you are heading that way.In any case, people in the slammer deserve each other.

Kari: Did it taste that bad? You have returned early from M.

Michelle: Rump steak, same area, taste er slightly different

Saby: Michelle is all female. Saby you have been been sleeping with MITCHEL A Guy, you sordid person.

Bridg: You are right its an acquired taste, Pigmys did it to their captives and so did N Z Maori's.

Notta: Yes, she must have been a NUTTER, I liked the way you spoke about the extra things. I'm surprised the Meat and two Veg was not mentioned in the report, I imagine it would be the first to get the chop.
Anonymous said…
yeah -- the kiwi maoris and them fuzzy wuzzies in new guinea going back would roast on a spit all the young tender captives in tribal fighting--they called it LONG PIG.
Anonymous said…
That is realy awful
no need for killings
we need to learn from it
all the best :)
Jim said…
please put up a new post VEST
dis post is SICK

i give u 24 hours
or i flood yr blog wid filth

i wud have done it a long time ago
but i see your grand children visit here too
Jim said…
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Jim said…
England copped out
Now cheer for PORTUGAL

;) said...

finally someone kicked germany;s ass OUT

i was travelling :( couldnt see it blow for blow

also while i was travelling brasil (losers) disappointed everyone and got kicked out by france.

im rooting for portugal too

do you know any nice spicy portuguese things to chant while they're playing?


5:16 PM
saby said...
Olá Hi
Bom dia Good morning

Boa tarde Good afternoon

Boa noite Good night
Como está? How are you?

Muito bem, obrigada
Very well, thanks

Obrigada Thanks (for a woman)

Obrigado Thanks (for a man)
Adeus Goodbye

Tchau Bye
Até logo See you later

5:26 PM
saby said...

"Portugal Allez, Portugal Allez"?

"Por-tu-gal!" Por-tu-gal!"

uma equipa belissima,
uma equipa fantastica,
es a nossa fe,
Portugal allez!!!

then switch to Konkani

Patloon kad re teche fodiacho

di re di re teka bonkan
Vest said…
Hello saby AKA Stab you the Elephant Boy and other aliases. If you are not having a lousy day, please do.
It would seem that despite your knowledge of demonic quackery and sorcery; your recent hilarious incantations and efforts to pervert the true course of events have been to no avail, your wailings to the gods of soccer(Assoc Football)have fallen on deaf ears, and so it has come to pass the team you so called rooted for (Portuga) I quote, Got Rooted by the Italion Stallions. BTW,G S.
Vest said…
Saby if you persist in delivering unseemly messages, they will simply end up in the bin.

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