Wednesday, 7 June 2006


A MISTAKE by a doctor on a hospital admission form led a surgeon to remove the wrong breast of a cancer sufferer during a mastectomy a tribunal heard yesterday.
The patient was admitted to Campbelltown Hospital near Sydney for a total mastectomy of the left breast but the Right breast was removed instead, later on the same day the 78 year old patient who suffered from dementia was forced to have a second operation to remove the malignant left breast.
Yesterday the doctor WHO cannot be named, who wrongly completed the admission form appeared before the Medical Tribunal facing a complaint of unsatisfactory professional conduct.
And so it goes on, just one big wobbly merry go round. It is probably the last you will hear about it.


IZZY DAVE said...

If our Prime Minister or Us Pres had a cancerous testicle and surgeons made a similar balls up and cocked up on which Nut to crack-- those surgeons would lose their testimonials quick smart

Vest said...

Hi Dave. I have been a bit crook with the flu for the past week, no visitors. See you next Frid week.
Dave, what do you reckon, we could get little johnny pee pants HOWARD to sing Solo Soprano and gristle wanker BUSH NUT to lead the Treble-Soprano Chorus, in the Mormon TaberKnacker male voice Choir.

Thought for today: Going M for Mad.

A Madwoman is more comfortable in a straight jacket than being tongueless

gordon said...

Hi Vesty,... sorry to hear your this joke for you...

In WW2 When they had rationing people would rush to line up or queue if something good was on offer.
One day a very old lady saw this line up or queue and shuffled over to the end where she asked a guy in front "What they selling"
"lollipops" he replied grinning'
"I'll have some of them "she replied.
When she arrived at the VD Clinic one of the white coated men asked her, "Surely you are too old for this Granny".
" Too old be buggered" say's she
"I may be old but I can Still Suck em"

Vest said...

Oh dear!!
Gordon: A severe smack on the hand with a wet sausage for that one.
What on earth will the B Again Cs think or maybe not think.
I shall plead temporary dementia or a sudden deficiency of IQ building vitamins and minerals to get me off the hook,cor blimey what next.

kate from budgewoi said...

hi lover boy, Didn't get the joke, asked our Julian and he grinned and refused to tell me, XX Kate from budgewoi.

Vest said...

Another thought for today.
Even a prude can be crude without being rude.

billy dodds aborigine said...

why dont you crack any aborigine jokes vesty, i liked the last one.
heres one .
The abo asked his abo mate who was carrying a slab of beer holding a sheet of corrugated ironover his head " Going walk about are ya sport"
"nah mate- just got divorced, she got the kids an i got the ouse an contents.

Vest said...

Billy Dodds, I once knew a Doug Dodds, a snappy dresser and a Fore man Wharfie in Sydney, he retired and shot through to the out back far beyond the black stump about ten years ago, any relation/ he lived in Parramatta; he was a part aborigine.
Listen sport, Abo jokes are out, as I dont want a Friking digeredoo poked through my window or any where else come to think of it, a well known fact is I could fall into some fairly serious effluent, if you get my drift. the new Sedition and Racial laws mean, If I get knobbled I too will be singing in the local choir in a HIGH C. Had enough going to bed,Fini.

saby said...
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saby said...
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saby said...
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Vest said...

Another three deletions for STABYOU THE ELEPHANT BOY

Vest said...

MIchelle: Kate is a real blonde.

julia said...

Hey Vestie

u dont like Saby ?
me too

mebbe we shud meet up someday
i tink i like u

Vest said...

So you should like me I'm handsome nice and am rich and old. Despite your visual charms Julie I would like to inform you I already have two ex daughters in law with that name, so should I aquire your affections and later lose them it would be disastrous, so what I suggest is this.

Go and tell your alter ego not to interfere with dead blogsites, I recall a visit to the site in question around Oct 05

And also Saby I had no idea your name was julia too and your ancient sanskrit would be so easy to notice and be recognised as the Mumbai gutter sweepers own scribblings. you have been sprung you whacko.

Vest said...

Billy Dodds: Hi Mate this might be right up you alley, Do your people really have to do this, check out the next post.

saby said...
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saby said...
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An interesting rerun.

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