Wandering around the blogs it is hard to avoid posts which continually make their aches and pains the main talking point, like what pills to take and not take and how many when and where. I am aware out there people are suffering some form of malady or illness; but why keep on harping about it,it becomes commonplace and boring after a while like the proverbial pain in the ass.

Our weekend trip away down the south coast of NSW OZ TRAYER was predictably uneventful, we did that which was expected of us to do, drive 650 klms or 455miles there and back have grease burgers at MAC FRIES and inspect number two sons partially built 35sq 4 b/r house on a five acre plot while the 50 knot wind from Antarctica froze my nuts. Friday and Sat the few hours we spent in the local club was a break from not catching any fish, but nearest and dearest and I performed on the dance floor to an everything goes type of music played non stop for three hours, oh and the meal in the club for us was chish & fips according to the Chinese chef, Fish and Chips with Salad both nights our three eldest sons and No2 sons partner had beef casserole, it was when they had finished eating I enquired; "Did You enjoy your dog"?

This is where I retaliate with my very own aches and pains bulletin. Since Monday pm I have been suffering a severe Cold(or Flu) misery together with chest pains; just to keep company with my permanent back pain and the pain always present in my right lung caused by asbestos related pleurisy, the pain in my right knee and the constant buzzing in both ears (Tinnitus).

Yesterday, Dr Tim Liauw; My Chinese Physician for the past nine years pronounced me fit to drive for the next 12 months, after I read the bottom line (In Polish I think) with my distance spectacles. Going for some shut eye now, see ya. Vest


Anonymous said…
Airconditioning helps transmit colds around the office:
The cold virus is mainly spread by hand or mouth contact.

If you get cold you will catch a cold:
Despite what your mother told you, going out in a thin top in winter will not guarantee you get a cold.

A cold and the flu is the same thing.
Colds begin slowly and symptoms include a sore throat and blocked or runny nose. The Flu comes on quickly and symptoms are severe, Including fever and muscle aches and pains.
There is no cure for the common coid:
Wrong. The best remedy is to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of Fluids, But not Alcohol, and don't smoke.
Vest said…
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Michele said…
I don't know what's worse a
backache or a migrain either
one is no picnic.Ouch my back
i need a comfortable chair
while i sit at the computer.
Vest said…
Sahib Saby: to err is human; providing that you are.
I am not an unforgiving person neither am I a person without faults, I never seek to use the word hate, I prefer to use the word dislike; as it has its own differing intentsity levels.
In your case Sahib Saby they always hover around the upper levels. I have visited your web site in India, Now whether rehashed news (Copied)plus Filthy comment and porno content is acceptable in your country, to the extent that you dish it out is ok to your populace, it certainly isn't here whacko.
If you have something worthwhile chatting about that will be fine with me but please keep the foul expletives out of the conversation. Fini
Anonymous said…
hi bloggger vest/ been tu usa blogs a lot lately/ yeah man those 30 plus unwanted and unmanageable old biddies all over the u s a states are stuffing meds or tabs or pills down there gulletts like scabby faced kids let wild in a candy store/ they have pills for every mood of the day/ wuz in a san fran store just back and every third broad had a frigging ass like the titanic and there wuz ultra skinnies tu/ howdya make it with them and the blubber muvvers stinking of body Oooohder stink/ went to the cat house wuz frigging frit to death/full of bud right now see yuz later . richard
Vest said…
Dick or Richard, Thanks for the info. What hillbilly college did you attend? sez yuz much later, if im lucky.
Anonymous said…
Dick reminds me of Jed Clampet
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Info for today.

A person cannot be taught wisdom.
Anonymous said…
some have sooo much shit in their head
its dripping from their ears
Vest said…
Anonymous. Dripping from your ears is it, call it what you like,ie,Fertilizer,manure,dung,But 4Ls not here, so off you go. BTW IKnow You Anon, Fancy you Smart one leaving your trade mark, did you start the day with special K

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