I have never been to Israel. however.

       On May 14, Midnight 1948, on the day in which the British Mandate over Palestine expired, the Jewish People's Council gathered at the Tel Aviv Museum, and approved the following proclamation, declaring the establishment of the State of Israel.

     Yes, that is correct, I missed it by about sixteen hours and was mighty pleased.
Overnight the British Royal Navy  HMS Mauritius 6,500 ton 6-inch gun Cruiser commanded by Captain Lord Ashbourne ( Yes a peer of the Realm) Had singled up to just a fore and aft mooring wire, having the good sense to realise our departure from Haifa was going to be unpleasant
     The HMS Mauritius. commission in the Mediterranean was at an end, having been responsible for boarding many Illegal vessels trying to get into Palestine left Haifa under a hail of misc small arms fire leaving twanging ruptured berthing wires weaving dangerously around.
     The two largest ships or should I say largest passenger list  Approx 7000 each were the Pans - Pan Crescent which I boarded with 12 other guys., and Pan York each around 6.000 tons, had. taken on Illegals from a port in Bulgaria on the Black Sea. Caught up with them shortly after Christmas day 1947.

For more info Google 'THE PANS' Or Exodus 1946- 1948. Or try The Pan York and Pan Crescent.
Vest .... Back soon. Having probs with P C.
   The Pan York and Pan crescent 1948 Exodus..  On google


Anonymous said…
This sounds interesting. I will investigate further.
I too am having PC problems. I hope they can be resolved for both of us. Quickly.
Vest said…
It was a distasteful job but one that was necessary, otherwise the infrastructure in palestine would not be able to cope with so many souls, !000 per month on a first come first served after being accommodated in Cyprus briefly. The British people had the problem of Feeding these unfortunate people.
I personally contributed some of my pay to provide cigarettes and chocolate to some of these unfortunate souls and was still referred to as the enemy, so bloody sad.
I suppose there was so much hatred towards anyone getting in their way they were blind to the problems we faced trying our best to help. Oh by the way my grand mother on my fathers side was also jewish , hope this helps to quell your hate.

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