And then there were Three..Vale George.

      It would seem that the Australian climate and good living has been responsible for the longevity of the Wartime crew of the WW2 Battleship HMS KING GEORGE V.

       By the end of WW2, the lowest age of any crew member was 19 approximately in 1945. and from information collected from archives in Britain and elsewhere only four of the wartime crew remained in circulation until yesterday when the eldest crew member. my dear friend and mentor George Haynes Passed away in a Sydney Nursing Home, aged 95, George leaves a wife Muriel 96 and an extended family,.
       The remaining three crew members are  James (Jim), Page,  94. Of Warners Bay NSW AUS, Also Patrick (Pat) O'Shaughnessy 92 With his wife Betty also 92who lives  Near Melbourne in Victoria Australia.
       And finally
Yours truly the young one Myself  Aged 91 soon to be 92, living on the beautiful Central Coast of NSW Australia.
 Vest, Daily Gaggle..... back soon.


Vale George.
I hope that the impressive longevity of all of you has been accompanied by joy.
Lee said…
Sad...may George rest in peace. He served his country well and proudly. I have great respect for all, including you, who have - and do - so gallantly served/serve their country.

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