Sydney Sin City

Do not  read further if you are squeamish.                                                                                                                                                            SYDNEY; CITY OF SIN versus PARIS and STOCKHOLM. plus 'A Brothel Smell.'
  Followers of  St Thompson De Brothel discarded MP. and serial Porn wanker, who are the ardent readers of The Sydney Daily Telegraph 's Pornography pages to wit the  Brothel daily classifieds, may soon find their sordid  wick dipping escapades fiscally out of reach, that is should our grafting miscellaneous Govt bodies throughout Australia follow the laws on prostitution in those of two major European countries.
French Politicians  have set in stone; laws which that will make the clients of prostitutes liable for fines starting at 1,500 Euros  - Equiv to Aus$2250.
The anti - prostitution legislation was approved by the French lower house National Assembly and is expected to receive Senate approval  before the end of this year.
The French decision was inspired by similar legislation in Sweden which penalises the users of prostitutes.
Of course it would be interesting to discover Why? there is a  starting point  in the scale of fines.
Maybe 'Size Does Matter'. "Avez-vous quelque chose de moins cher"?. Answer " Not if you wish to touch the sides'

JOKE....A Sailor going home on leave who had used a powerful deodorant, was  told by his senior officer , "If I went home smelling like you - my wife would think I had been to a Brothel".
The Sailor replied " Don't worry sir, my wife doesn't know what a brothel smells like".

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip.

Vest .... back soon.


Anonymous said…
Snort, outlawing prostitution in Paris. I should think Monsieur Holland has more serious problems to bother himself with. Love your French.
Granny Annie said…
Loved the brothel joke and miss all the sailor jokes my husband used to tell. Not just jokes, often true stories. Really not sure that I understood the squeamish story but you don't need to explain:-)
I suspect that our Guvermint would be more interested in seeing it there is money to be made from prostitution and would opt for the course of action which brings them most revenue. Or they think will bring them more revenue.
Vest said…
Andrew. Damned Amsterdam in particular. Ref the Cages.
Vest said…
EC. Of the two hundred advertised in the Telegraph there are an estimated twice that number of unregistered sin establishments dotted around Sydney and NSW country areas.
A figure given to me was, out of the 700,000 eligible ladies in NSW 20 40 years of age, at least 58 thousand are on the game. I agree the Govt could make a Quid or two if it was regulated.
Vest said…
Granny Annie, Quite a few of these sailor jokes evolve from the truth,. While I was in the Brit Navy I witnessed many silly sailors become victims of their lust by throwing caution to the wind, there are many ways to avoid this happening.
River said…
If they fine the users of prostitutes, they won't go back, so how will the prostitutes make a living?
Vest said…
River. By seeking employment in other areas or raising a family, anything more palatable than prostitution.

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