MY STORY , Hackney, London. England 1926.

                     There were no bright (STARS) to herald my arrival into this world on The Sixteenth day of July 1926, only claps of thunder and lightning and pouring (RAIN) which had disrupted the electric power and darkened the skies now devoid of the customary summer (MOON)  (SHADOWS) and an expression of deep concern from  my parents and the local midwife struggling in the candle light  midst the (SMELL) of  (BLOOD) hot water and sweat., Who wondered how they were going to support this new addition to the family on an already overstretched budget.
                      1926 was not a good year to enter the world. There was much political strife, coupled with industrial strikes, job shortages and a generally undernourished population, very few people escaped the deprivations that continued into the early nineteen  thirties. However, I survived to tell the fable  of my birthing which took place so many long years ago. .
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baili said…
amazingly written post.
world is since beginning a hard place to live and becoming even harder but if you remove these hardships from the caves of life what you see is a flat boring existence which flow which like a mortar in space going on and on meaninglessly with no direction until it get one to define the worth and true meaning of it's being
Vest said…
baili. I was a Friday child, with Far To Go. which was near the truth, Thanks for your comment.
River said…
I'm glad you survived to be able to tell us these tales.
My mum was a 1926 baby, but born in Germany so I don't know what day it was, only the date.
A lovely story. And, like River, I am glad you survived to tell the tale.
Anonymous said…
I recognise the paragraph even if it is not a direct quote. Hackney is super trendy now.
Vest said…
Andrew. But of course you would, but the switch was in order to accommodate the six key words. Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
River. I would appreciate a brief history of your parentage and yourself. Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Elephants Child. It is so pleasing to know there are people who realise I have some worth. Thank you.
Granny Annie said…
Great job with Words For Wednesday. You had an amazing birth and love all the true and interesting stories you share on your blog.
Vest said…
Granny Annie. Good morning nice person, thankyou for your kind appreciation of my efforts.
Vest said…
River. In todays Sydney Telegraph is a pic of Mariah Carey wearing FISH NET STOCKINGS. Gotcha.

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