Rosemary Found .

      Two hours ago Rosemary was spotted in bushland some three kls away by a police helicopter and was taken to Wyong Hospital I was advised to stay at home and son Chris is there now,   I fell asleep for the past two hours.  I am waiting for more info.  Vest.


Wonderful news. I am very, very happy for you.
And not surprised you fell asleep. You have been on tenterhooks for too long.
River said…
I'm so glad she's been found and I hope she is well and soon home again.
Dylan Bowyer said…
Thank you for letting me know about this.
Please update as you find out more.
Lots of love. Take care
Dylan Bowyer
Vest said…
All is well Rosemary arrived home unharmed but where she had wandered to is still a mystery, we are just as wise as she but I have a feeling she stayed at an unknown persons home of some sort, difficult to get any info from her., thanks everyone for your kind thoughts, I am so pleased she is home again.
Anonymous said…
Good news. Not so easy dealing with the love of your life when it all goes so terribly wrong, short term and long term.
Granny Annie said…
I am happy she was found and know you are getting some much needed rest. Hope you can learn at least a little of where she went and what she may have encountered.
Malcolm& June. said…
So sorry to hear of Rose's wandering, do hope she is safe and back at home by now. Our thoughts are with you, it must be worrying for you and Chris.
Love from us both,
Malcolm & June

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