It was twenty years ago when My wife and I finally retired and sold the large six bed home  with pool and other trappings and moved to the Central Coast of New South Wales  OZ.
     We bought a  two bed relocatable home in Budgewoi and lived there for nearly four years until changes to our surroundings became untenable and we sold up and rented a  waterfront property together  with our eldest son. .We lived there for nearly five years until the place was sold and we moved to where we are now living A two storey 4 bed DG ; we have been here nearly eleven years. And we shall be moving again soon as the owner decided to sell the place after we requested a new bath be installed with the cost being shared. However, we are in a bit of a tizz; it being near the festive season and thirty days notice when time starts  when notice is served..
       Our intention is to stay local, despite the offer of a years rent in advance if he fixed the bath problem, The owner can go and jump. . we are opting to rent a one level property local, yes we can afford it as  our income finances  leave us with more than double the cost of the rental  in savings with more assets enough to buy four Mercedes Plus.
We or shall I say I being the only person who moves his ass in this house will start the process of packing. despite the following problem which has afflicted me over the past two weeks. It was when I noticed the freezer section of our tall Kitchen Fridge was open slightly a 7 AM.  on looking a large frozen portion of meat dropped down on my feet and I have been hobbling since despite ex rays indicating no broken bones There was severe bruising and muscle pain which has persisted and has been a source of aggravation when after laying or sitting down, walking helps but one cannot keep walking Today I was prescribed a course of antibiotics , Hopefully there will be some improvement, the first line of this paragraph  was  read by my son and we had words which ended amicably. and hopefully I shall be on the mend soon. Vest Daily Gaggle. .


I am so sorry.
I hope your poor sore foot heals quickly and that your son has been shamed into giving you some assistance.
Vest said…
E C.I always make sure all is secure and fridge closed and lights off before bed time, It was my son who must have not closed it properly after one of his midnight foraging sessions in the kitchen.
Granny Annie said…
I cannot imagine packing up to move again. I have moved to 27 different homes in my lifetime. They are going to have to carry me out of this one on a stretcher. Would you believe that I too was hit by frozen food. This week at the grocery I reached up for a box from the store freezer and the boxes came tumbling out and struck my new glasses that I now have to have adjusted again. At least I didn't have any pain with the incident and my eye was protected by the glasses. Hope you can find some relief for you foot.
Anonymous said…
Beware the joint of meat. I've always worried that sort of thing could happen so I am very careful when packing up the freezer. When I think of your son, my mind conjures up someone twenty, but of course he would be much older.
Vest said…
Grannie Annie. The bridge of my right foot is still puffed up and sore to touch. will see the doc again on Monday. MY wife and I have lived in 5 different countries, I have had 32 changes of residence Rosemary 24.Sorry to hear about your specs. My problem was caused mainly by being in bare feet at the time of the accident.
Vest said…
Andrew. Yes he is older and should know better. He works from home all hours, On Line; he smokes and eats far too much and is becoming a bit of a porker due to his sedentary lifestyle. Born 23-9-64.He also prefers to believe he is an intellectual. We get along Ok.
River said…
A 4 bedroom DG? What is a DG please?
We had 4 and 5 bedroom homes when the kids were young and all living at home, now it's a one bedroom flat for me.
Hope your foot settles down and stops hurting soon.
Vest said…
River. ? Double Garage.
Up this morning 630 , Gave her-indoors Brekky in bed while I read The paper got her washed and ready for the day, prepared Lunch and dinner tided around, spent half hour on PC Fed the cats then Cleaned out the large shed (partially) had lunch , Ditched a lot of saved for later stuff, Packed two large boxes had Dinner tided the kitchen laid down for ten minutes. then coloured the wife's Hair and showered her dressed her, Earlier arranged her hair cut for 1145 tomorrow. I shall now shave and shower. yes that foot isn't showing improvement. and I feel very tired. Thanks for calling.
Jane,Stokes-Honour. said…
I feel so sorry for you. Please look after yourself. With lots of love Jane xxxxx
baili said…
i feel sorry for your pain .hope you are taking the medicines precisely .
i find moving an adventure and if one can afford is better to explore more and various parts of the land .
best wishes for your new home and heartiest prays for your recovery .
take good care of yourself .
Vest said…
baili. Thank you so much - you are a very kind person.

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