The clever Indonesian Drug smuggler

A couple or so years ago I wrote about the Indonesian drug smuggler who was incarcerated in Sydney silverwater jail. the bloke in question was awarded seven years in the slammer. however, his good behaviour and having learned English while in jail  gave him the good fortune of privileged day release ,whereupon he was able to earn approx 500 dollars a week after tax . after paying the prison authorities their share and a few bucks for personal comforts this guy was able to send home more than two hundred bucks per week to his tribe in Indonesia,  after several years his tribe had finalised the purchase of their family home with the donated dosh and lived happily ever after. it was also suggested  by his tribe he should extend his jail time. It was easy to understand why, because the judge who jailed the Corby person was only paid an annual salary equal to Aus$12,000-00 per annum..
It does not require much brain power to work that out.

Vale Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran,and all the the other unfortunate persons murdered by Indonesian Authorities today. May your souls enjoy the Afterlife..

Vest... Back soon.

Check out ISBN1-4120-3384-5


Anonymous said…
I see Pres joko as a future leader of a muslim Horde invading australia using the military assistance we have gifted to them. Joko an insensitive muslim bastard in a big hat,just another muslim pig.
Vest said…
Don't Worry Anon , the furore will soon dissipate and our pollies and bean counters will see to it that our pseudo pals in the Hal Al land where we do much business will get all of the free assistance perks after all.
Upsetting a mob of bugle blowing insurgents wearing oversized hats who would overwhelm our meagre forces is not a wise move, appeasement would expedite the problem, until a clean nuclear device is available to clean the Hal Als Slate forever amen.
River said…
$500 a week AFTER tax?? The only time I ever earned that much I was doing overtime four nights a week and on Saturday mornings.
WALLY. said…
Vesty its like saying good dog until you find a big rock.
Vest said…
River Maybe it was before tax , a slip up. thanks for calling.

Wally. I have heard that saying but a meaty bone would endear the dog to you forever.
Throwing a pork pie at our Indo neighbours may not be a great Idea.
Might send Pres Joko a bag of Halal pork crackling for a joko.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
The previous anon. Go wash your mouth.
hello there friend. how are things going. I have been missing for a while and trying to get back to blogging. that is weird this post. but interesting non the less..
Vest said…
NBRS; thank you for your comment . Yes it is some time since paying you a visit, I too have been in the wars a bit health wise. My wife is becoming a trifle foggy upstairs and is becoming slightly bewildered at times which keeps me busy correcting her confusion and pointing her in the right direction so to speak.
Myself , well a bit wobbly at times, However, we anticipate possibly our last visit to the Merry England to pay our last farewells to our Brit relatives in a months time, on our return we will put our feet up and wait for our trip to the hereafter i suppose.
I hope you and your family are well and say hello to your husband and girls from me, regards Vest D G.

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