Saturday, 18 April 2015

An Engineer could not find a job, so he opens a clinic, and puts a sign outside that

"Get treatment for $50, If not cured get back $100."
A Doctor thinks this is a good opportunity to show up the Engineer and earn a quick $100.
And so he visits the clinic.
Doctor: I have lost my sense of taste.
Engineer: Nurse , bring the medicine from box No 22 and place 3 drops in the patient's mouth.

Patient (Doctor): Spits out the medicine and says "This is not medicine, it's gasoline".
Engineer: Congratulations. You have your taste back. That will be $50.
Doctor gets annoyed, and returns after several days to recover his money.
Doctor : I have lost my memory and can't remember a thing.
Engineer : Nurse , bring medicine from box No 22 and put 3 drops in the patient's mouth.
Doctor: "This medicine is for the sense of taste" protests the Doctor.
Engineer : Congratulations, your memory is back, that will be $50
The Doctor leaves, but after several days angrily returns for one last try.
Doctor : My eyesight has become weak.
Engineer : Well I don't have any medicine for that. Take this $100.

Doctor : But this is a $50 note.
Engineer : Congratulations, your eyesight has gotten better. That will be $50 thank you!

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