The Drug Dealers of Budgewoi.

Budgewoi on the NSW Central Coast in Australia  would be described as a normally quiet beach side town/village  with a  majority of elderly or retired persons. Budgewoi has a  twin parade of shops and businesses covering all the requirements of our community of around 3,000 souls. This included until recently two Chemist shops.; one at the rear parade and the other facing  the front near scenic drive the main thoroughfare. In the main most of these businesses  display a easy on the eye unobtrusive frontage.  However, not any more
Well yank my doodle its a dandy not only am fed up with Crap American Films or Movies without captions and cheap non musical sounds drowning the non English verbals like "Barrb the Carp's Jarb is ter darb in rarbers and lark em in de Fart, Gard demmit.Yesterday I stopped by to purchase the weekly medications and Lo and behold before my disbelieving eyes there was this gaudy pink yellow anf blue coloured Asiatic looking frontage displaying the words The Budgewoi Discount Drug Store . YukYuk I thought this looks so cheap and nasty. but then  it transpires that the new owners  of the former nice chemist shop are from the orient which explains it all.
It would seem the town planners philosophy is to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
 How sad ..... Vest    Back soon maybe?


Vest said…
Another peculiarity in a side street of our shopping area is a huge sign in capitals 'THE BUDGEWOI FITNESS CENTRE'. only problem the shop beneath the sign is a booze shop.
Vest said…
My dear lady , Rosemary my wife will commence her twice weekly day excursions from 9am until several hours later on each occasion, this will give me relief and a opportunity to gather my wits and get important things done.

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