This may be my final post

     It was back in  2005 on March 23 nearly ten years ago when my first attempt at blogging took off. since then other bloggers have come and gone; some like butterflies whose life expectancy was brief, then there were the strugglers who sought fame and lost, some being disillusioned and  others bored to tears with other witless bloggers and finding there was life after blogging. None of the bloggers I crossed swords with ten years  ago are around anymore each of whom have died on the vine at various intervals over the past decade.
     There are a few people who still comment here, some more frequently than others some whom I have a great deal of respect for and others much less, which of course is to be expected when most subjects within the blogosphere are controversial and which remains the main source for blogging apart from the never ending doubt and suspicions regarding the plethora of miscellaneous Gods and other mythical purveyors of non existent eccleslastical wonderment..
     I do not have a degree in science , however, I do have an interest in truthful scientific evaluations. and abhor the use of so called lesser  abnormalities and crimes  used in expediting major political and other non secular and pontifical matters  for the so called betterment of all.
     Recently my appearance has been sparse, this has been due to my ongoing health problems and more domestic and marital responsibility being imposed due to my spouse who at the age of  eighty; and eight years my junior; having serious memory problems., it can be expected that these problems will not be going away and can be regarded as simply just another cycle of our existence until our T O D.
     Comments by relatives on the past 1,268 posts on this blog have been nano minuscule to say the least however those who have sent email messages have been few also , but to those few who have bothered to do so I offer my thanks - particularly the vast majority  of whom were from the UK .
Very little interest seems forthcoming from  the relatives in  Australia mainly the younger four of our five sons and their issue who will due to their lack of response fail to hear the news that our eldest son who has resided with us for the past fifteen years and has and is still being our main source of support in most situations which required assistance  will be the sole benefactor in our last will and testaments, being that most of the gang of four are  already well off and doing substantially well in their various fields of  monetary pursuit, the one exception being the most junior who has a permanent fire in his pockets. This is  by no means  not an altogether. disclaimer of my brood, birthdays and yuletide messages  are sometimes remembered particularly when embarrassed by receiving like  messages, although a little distant we are still amicable except for one dissident son and his non wife partner are still at loggerheads with me by their choice and not my own., so sad! I offer them a 'Get well soon' message.
Most of our relatives in Australia live a fair distance away; meaning a max speed X two to four hours, not a trip one would do on a regular basis which also helps along the theory 'Out of sight out of mind', but not necessarily to us their parents who think of them each day as good parents should.
     This post it seems has taken an eternity to write due to more than a dozen distractions, it is a problem that I have to face up to in the future. If by chance an opportunity to post comes along I shall try to do so but visiting friendly blogs will be my main pursuit.
     Five interruptions in six minutes - have to go, the mind boggles.

Vest .....Back soon ...'Perhaps.'


Do what is right for you, and for Rosemary.
Take care. And have as much fun as you can.
Amy.... Swansea said…
Maybe your brood have poor communication skills, can they not use the telephone.
Vest said…
E C. Thank you for your comment. first again
Vest said…
Amy: I have no Idea, however,they do have computers and telephones' but skills in usage and understanding the written word and a problem with a contrived attention disorder; meaning if the message is not helpful; profitable or exciting it creates a lack of interest.
Elsie H said…
I don't recall when your blog disappeared from my listings, i know it's been a while since I read any of your posts.
I'm having enough trouble keeping up with reading the list I've got and trying to think of new things to write on my own blog.

Some days I think I've outgrown the whole thing, then a new idea occurs to me and I keep going, but I don't know for how much longer.
Edward Jones. said…
Good morning Les. So sorry to hear that this might be your last post. Had great fun over the years reading your blogs and your book of your time at Watts. Iam sure I had an easier time than you there. We are the lucky ones who reach our 80s but its not too much fun when it does happen. I have lost both my sisters in the last two years.
Had not seen either of them since I joined the navy. they live in London and I live in Suffolk. You are a product of your environment because we had nothing in common
Hope to hear from you again. Edward Jones STURDEE 183 1945 1949
Vest said…
Thankyou Edward for your comment.
I shall do my best to continue but be it at a lesser gait.

Ed was a student at the same nautical school as I; we never met, he joined three years after I had left the WNTS.

Les B, No 117 Tyrwhitt 6 co. 16-12-36 to 7-1-42. RN PJX292410. 7-1-42 until 16-7-66.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Dear uncle Les and aunty Rosemary.Please look after yourselves.
Lots of love to you always. Jane, xxxxxxx

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