A sort of Political Washup.

   Two days ago, a round trip of nearly two hours which involved a trip to the bank for a large cash withdrawal then the weekly lotto splurge at the newsagent and a political chat with a oriental guy and another with a Yorkshire accent who were handing out election flyer's  the oriental saying vote for this bloke on erection day and the yorkies banter reminding me of his *ebagum lingo which further reminded me of the political despot  Bob *Mugabe who ruined The banana republic of Zimbabwe.Now governed by a geezer Named Banana( no kidding) it also seems  this despot has in opposition a mystery Polly with the name of Richard Spudd  Who is a hot contender to be the next Dick Tater.
        The main shopping exercise was to be the purchase of a new washing machine at the Massive 'Harvey Norman 'Store at Lake haven about ten min drive It took about twenty Min's to select and pay for the w/machine and was delighted to know it would be delivered the next day between Nine and Five, The next port of call was the Boozatorium where I purchased 3 bots of JW for 89 bucks then a visit the local super market for the staples in our diet, a successful day so it would seem..
Sadly I must inform you the W/ machine has yet to arrive. About an hour ago I telephoned the  store and gave them a good old bollocking, and hung up the phone  I am now waiting to see what happens next.  I am unable to leave the house unless the W/Machine turns up, it is a Blessed nuisance to say the least,as the poor wife has to do the wash  by hand like we did sixty years ago, and the wife was not pleased when I stated it would be a saving on the power bill.
* reverse.
Vest.... The best is yet to be.

Go to the next post for the ongoing saga of the washing machine, yet to be delivered.


Hiss and spit.
I loathe that the delivery people give such a HUGE window for when they 'might' deign to deliver.
I hope it is there now.
Vest said…
EC; thankyou for your comment. Eldest son Spoke to them . and they will be delivering tomorrow. We will wait and see.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Pay cash and you can knock them down. then pick it up yourself. Much cheaper. Mike.
Vest said…
LDL: Thank You for the advice.

Lifting a 100kilo Washing machine would be far beyond my capability, even more so the consequential medical bills resulting to fix my broken 88 year old frame.
River said…
I haven't bought from Harvey Norman since the day I stood there by the TVs with a big wad of cash in my pocket, wanting to buy one and was completely ignored by several salesmen because I wasn't dressed nicely. They all headed for better dressed people. I walked across the road to Myer and bought a TV within ten minutes.
Vest said…
Sale from Harvey Norman was aborted today... Go to next post for info.
WALLY. said…
Vest very funny, Richard Spudd The new DICK Tater. HA HA HA.

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