History on this All Fools Day..OP Iceberg.

     It was my eighteenth Easter; one I will never forget
April !, Easter Sunday April Fools Day . The previous day we hit the tail end of a typhoon,Our A/C carriers were unable to fly off planes which saved a few lives by having less Nips  to contend with when the Americans invaded Okinawa on that following frightful day. However , fewer was more than enough, All or our carriers were hit, some several times, and yours truly with others  in the aftermath cleared the  ship of one disintegrated Twin engined Jap Betty Bomber.This was a sign of things to come in the following nine weeks ,
Les, On HMS K G V  Flagship of the British Pacific Fleet - Just Seventy years Ago..


River said…
My eighteenth Easter was the year I got engaged. What was I thinking?!
Vest said…
River: let's see um er - maybe Easter eggs or procreational thoughts. Was that back in 71? if so I was still living in the UK.
Thanks for calling.
BTW What were you thinking?
I hope subsequent Easters have been much, much less dramatic.

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