A Hardley Normal Delivery.

     As stated in my previous post, I arrived at the HARVEY NORMAN  store at Lake haven NSW, at about 2pm Wednesday March 25 and ordered a New washing Machine, for which I paid the asking price and the delivery charge with cash, I was told it would be delivered the following day between 9am and 5pm. This delivery time failed on Thursday and on Friday.
I phoned Harvey Norman and after a bit of banter hung up the phone. then my Son rang to enquire and was informed it would be delivered today at between 9am and 1pm.The delivery was made at 1255 pm. however, the washing machine had at least Two Dents which were clearly seen and the  delivery was aborted and then I refused to take delivery.
My son informed the store manager that we wished to cancel the sale and be refunded.
this was agreed upon and now my son is out looking for another non bent supplier, hopefully we will have success elsewhere, meanwhile the washing is piling up.
Harvey Norman, Or should I say Hardley Normal.
A happy ending. My son returned from a shopping centre further afield and returned with a newer model W/machine same make but not a discontined model like the dodgey one offered by Harvey Norman also it was $4-00 cheaper and it fitted into the Falcon wagon just right. saving $55-00 delivery charge. Oh and the dealer was "The GOOD GUYS at ERINA NSW .

Alls well that ends well .. Vest.


Glad to hear of a happy ending to a most frustrating tale.
anony said…
None of this post seems to be getting to me - i am sure baffled what does it mean
Vest said…
Anony: It probably means that your head is as thick as a brick or ypu are an American. Thanks for your comment
Maybe you are G H from Harvey Norman? Have a dismal day.

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