Smoke up my nose. plus.Kiss a non smoker.....

Our pleasant beachside semi rural Central Coast NSW Aus town, where I live has every amenity one needs except a person with the authority to  'On the spot fine' litterbugs - people who drop their stinking Cigarette butts  around the walkways despite having depositories for rubbish available.
    Around Christmas 1986 at the age of 60  I was ill with an unspecified stomach complaint, At the time I was smoking about 20 Cigs per day and had been since the age of 22. I was told by a doctor that I had three months to live if  I didn't stop smoking.However, due to the affliction being suffered I had already ceased smoking, but the docs warning whether genuine or not took hold and I went (Cold turkey) and haven't had a smoke since.
   My early years in the Royal Navy (Brit) smoking was allowed on ships and establishments from the age of eighteen, at  training establishments a mandatory six strokes of the rattan cane  was administered to those caught smoking.
   Although I was just nineteen when ww2 hostilities ended , I had spent 2.5 years Aboard  ship which had duty free cigarettes available, My action station on the Air defence position  high up on the ship gave me access to all the smoke I needed (Two smoke belching funnels )(Stacks USA) There was no escape when in a stern sea and the wind abaft the beam as was the term.
    At the age of 22  amidst a marital calamity  I took to the demon smokes , I cannot think of any other reason unless I was mentally unbalanced at the time, however the expense was minimal and a sort of escape smoking gave me from the workplace.could be another reason.
    Four of my five sons smoke and I fear that an early demise could be their only option should they continue to totally ignore the the health authorities explicit warnings.
This post was brought to mind due to a recent experience when  I sat on a community bench by the footpath last tuesday when nearest and dearest went into the Coles Supermarket to buy 25 smokes for our eldest son 59,  a packet covered in horrendous warnings. While waiting I cast my eyes around, there were ciggy butts everywhere, then this old guy with a bloody dog which wouldn't stop scratching sat on the bench next to me;lit up a smoke and belched his 2nd hand excretion into my face, then having expressed my disgust at this old guy ( unrepeatable here) and his dog  threatening to take a chunk out of my leg, I waited near the car until the wife returned with smokes 25 costing $29-70. Sheer stupidity, Although we love our sons to bits: we don't wish to see them depart this life before we go.......Vest ... back soon. Kiss a non smoker and taste the difference, a re run  but interesting
Things that Smoke , Bushfires, old Cars, old sailors,  silly people,chimneys and dragons. 

Ad nauseam:

A smokers last Spoke
was I die cos I smoked.
The choke in me froat,
Gave me tummy great  bloat.
Causing  pain and distress
and my life in a mess.
No chance for salvation,
or of admonition................Nic O'Tine. AKA Vest.



Anonymous said…
You whingeing old bastard.
Vest said…
Anon: Another anonysmoker idiot with a death wish.
Vest said…
AD Nauseam.
A smokers last Spoke was I die cos I smoked,
The choke in me froat gave my tummy great bloat.
Caausing pain and distress
and my life in a mess.
No chance for salvation,
or of admonition.

Copyright. Nic O'Tine. aka. Vest.
Amy. Swansea. said…
Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn, and that is you all over. x.
Vest said…
Amy: Quite a surprise coming from you after my uncomplimentary remarks about you recently, thank you.

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