Food scraps(Leftovers) to be banned from household garbage collections.


Food scraps (Leftovers) to be banned from House hold Garbage collections.

Most councils within NSW Australia have adequate systems for waste removal from households and businesses. The main problem is abuse of the system by uncaring persons with an out of sight out of mind mentality.
Ban on bin food scraps,. Food could be banned from household rubbish bins or residents might be charged extra to remove it under proposals to deal with the state's growing mountains of garbage.
For those people who are not already dealing with this problem and wish to deal with the matter of disposing the putrescibles themselves, these few hints may solve your problems as well as helping the environment and if you have a garden; help with cost cutting. Of course it is your choice whatever you do.
Items such as bread and cereal based foods can be distributed to bird feeding at the bottom of the garden along with meaty bones for carnivores such as magpies crows, Dog owners would find few problems disposing of most bones, those not removed can be buried in the flower section of your garden. All other food waste such as left overs, peelings, banana skins, fats and more are buried in what I call a Fallow section of the veggie garden, ( An area not intended for planting within a few months, although digging in these areas after six weeks you will discover an absence of the former waste and a much richer soil, this can be a boon for those gardeners with sandy soil.
My veggie patches are about 6ft or 2 metres wide. I dig a trench across at spade depth and each daily deposit can be covered with soil or if the weather is inclement keep your waste in a covered container until you are ready to dispose of it in the soil.
You will save on compost or have a more productive garden by following these simple tips.
Remember. What man disposes of, Nature decomposes for the benefit of all.
BTW. All recyclable items such as cans bottles, glass jars and paper packaging must be free from food contamination and bottles without tops.
And don't forget that greasy Aluminium throw away baking tray you cooked the turkey in, ours will be placed at the bottom of the garden over a hungry ant nest and will be cleaned for recycling within two days.
Remember, 'Do the right thing". Have a great day......Vest.


River said…
I live in a block of flats, so there'll be no tossing things in the garden for me, we already have a few too many ants that want to get inside anyway, I don't want to attract more.
Our councils are asking people to put compostables in the "green" waste bin, along with lawn trimmings and garden prunings etc. They've listed the items allowed on a leaflet sent to all households, but there are people here who don't fully understand or don't want to, and our shared recycling bins have too many wrong things in them, while shared green bins remain empty apart from my own veggie scraps. Even our own individual smaller household waste bins are incorrectly used, mine never has more than a small supermarket bag of rubbish, while others have overflowing bins. What's a girl to do? Speaking to the people results in verbal abuse, so I'll salve my conscience by continuing to do the right thing with my own garbage.
How I wish we had a green waste bin. I have four compost bins and they are usually full. And the compost adds to the quality of our soil immeasurably.
Our garbage bin is rarely full. The recycling? Every time. And it is obvious that many in my street don't know/care what goes in what bin.
Vest said…
Thank you both River and Elephants child for your comments.

Last week my eldest son was asked to trim the top of an umbrella tree growing under the eaves of the Garden shed . the result was only the lower half was trimmed plus the total chopping of a five foot high gardenia to stumps 15 inches high.*** last year he whipper snippered a whole bed of onions and left a large weed growing in a pot after pulling out all the seedlings.
Chris works at home on Computers, an ex DJ, Drummer/Singer. also helps when I have PC probs.

***Our green bin is full and will be full after emptying tomorrow.
River said…
Ha Ha, you need to tie labels on what needs trimming..."cut me!" or umbrella tree, gardenia etc
WALLY. said…
Didn't know you had greeen fingers vestie, can't imagine you digging.

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