Filthy Food From CHINA.... Enjoy

Food from China - very important to our health



The whole world is scared of China made 'black hearted goods'. Can you differentiate which one is made in the USA , Philippines , Taiwan or China ?

For your Information ... the first 3 digits of the barcode is the country code wherein the product was made.

E.g.: all barcodes that start with 690 up to 695 are all MADE IN CHINA.

471 is Made in Taiwan.

This is our human right to know, but the government and related department never educate the public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.

Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products 'made in China ', so they don't show from which country it is made.

However, you can refer to the barcode, remember if the first 3 digits are 690 to 695, then it is Made in China .

00 ~ 13 USA & CANADA
30 ~ 37 FRANCE
40 ~ 44 GERMANY
49 ~ JAPAN
50 ~ UK
57 ~ Denmark
64 ~ Finland
76 ~ Switzerland and Lienchtenstein
628 ~ Saudi-Arabia
629 ~ United Arab Emirates
740 ~ 745 - Central America
All 480 Codes are Made in the Philippines

Now read on below for specifics on goods from China to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.

This is sickening but it is an alert to read labels and always buy fresh when you can.

Have a taste for chicken? READ THIS

WATCH WHAT YOU BUY. ESPECIALLY HIGHLINER FISH PRODUCTS; all come from China, even though the box says 'product of Canada', it is from China and 'processed' in Canada, that is, the coating is added and packaged in Canada only!

The fish are raised in pens using chemicals that are banned in Canada as cancer causing but legal in China .

This was exposed on CBC TV's Marketplace.

This one will make you think before buying anything from China .

Well, are you enjoying seeing Chinese food popping up in your supermarket left and right? Have you noticed you can't buy a single package of fish that isn't made in China (or Vietnam )? Do you think your food from China is processed in a sanitary manner, and thus safe to eat? Take a look at this!!

These undercover enclosed pictures speak a thousand words. Avoid buying all processed food packaged in China. Anything goes! We just don't know what else is in those packages.

Unlike in the U.S. CANADA and Australia , China does not have laws regulating food processing.

Basically, do not buy any processed food from China , also Hong Kong , too. MANY Chinese companies are using a Hong Kong address to avoid this type of image reputation.

Early dawn, starts the day by riding around to collect dead chickens.

Asking around for dead chickens.

Total of 5 riders are hired by the boss to ride to farms to buy dead chickens.

A dead chicken cost 1 RMB and would be sold at 9 RMB after processing.

Storage for the dead chickens in the court yard.

Carcasses are thrown everywhere.
And on the floor....

Four employees start de-feathering the dead fowl after soaking in boiling water from a rusty wok.

Enduring the pungent odor, but sometime, it get so terrible that even the most experienced of the workers would puke.

Workers rushing to get the chickens de-feathered.

A discarded bath tub being used to soak the bare skin dead chickens.... The contaminated water would have accelerated the decomposition process.

Wearing slippers walking among the chickens before the colouring processing.

After the colour dye, it's creepy to find that they are quite tenderized.

And now presenting the mouth watering Charcoal Roasted Chicken!

Send to as many people as possible. Do NOT buy food originating in China (or Vietnam or Thailand)!

Take the time to read the labels and look for country of origin!



CREEK. said…
LOoks like The Dunnolly ViC KFC Outlet
Ouch. Another time to be grateful that I am a vegetarian. Though my partner isn't.
Thank you.
Rosemary Vella. said…
Good one Thanks. Re 'Sweet Potatoes.
Vest said…
RV: My wild Irish Rose, XXX.
Thanks for calling. Has your sister Anne Moved?. No card this year.
Anonymous said…
Vest, isn't the name Vella Maltese, if so how can she Rosemary be Irish.
Vest said…
Anon: picking again.
R was nee Corrigan.
River said…
Another problem Australia is facing is the number of Chinese buying up property here in Australia. How do we know they aren't going to use the same growing and processing methods which could eventually be legally labelled as Made in Australia?

There's no captcha image in the box below....
Ah, there it is.
Marie said…
I understood from a Snopes article that this barcode thing isn't absolutely correct. I know that here in Sweden, the barcode refers refers to the economic region where that particular bar code was assigned, rather the country where the actual product identified by that bar code was made.

Recently we've had a frozen berry scare, with berries from Egypt being identified as carrying Hepatitis A. Naturally people looked to the packaging to make sure where the berries came from before buying them and discovered that even though they were labelled as "Produce of Belgium" and indeed had a Belgium barcode, the actual fruit was from Egypt via a company that was Belgium owned. There was no legislative obligation to disclose the country of origin of the fruit and so they didn't do it. Which leaves consumers feeling like we are being lied to continually.

But yes, the Chinese products are appalling and unwittingly being bought all over the world. I wonder what the health costs of that are going to be later down the track. And like Elephant's Child, I'm glad I'm a vegetarian. And that I grow my own berries and some of my vegetables and look to local suppliers for the rest as much as I can.
Vest said…
Thank you River and Marie for your comments.
Our family are Veggie lovers, not keen on too much salad and have cut down on meat consumption recently and as long as I am the duty chef ( Improving Cook)I hope the compliments I receive continue.
We have flowers sort of ? front and back , but in the main it is root veggies out back, now the rain has finally arrived we expect signs of life soon.
Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels and the like are cheaper to buy at the market.
Now the rain has set in for the day and things are cooler, the menu today is Roast drumsticks, Brussels S. Cauliflower. Broccoli Carrots and peas. With Rich Brown Chicken gravy. Hmm.
And something usually deliciously fattening for desert.

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