Unfortunately Australia is heading this way.

Unfortunately Australia is heading the same way.

Just watch this short video This is reality, whether you like it or not!


There are noisy extremists everywhere. Some of them homegrown - think the Redfern riots of a few years ago.
I don't think that this is definitely in our future - and hope not. If it is, what would your solution be?
River said…
can't watch it, my screen tells me that address is unreadable.
WALLY. said…
I live a peaceful life in REDFERN, Sydney NSW. I am part Aborigine.
Vest said…
Elephant Child: Good question.
If it is Sharia law they are seeking, it should be administered to them as it would be applied in countries adhering to Sharia law. I am certain a few heads would roll from a flashing scimitar with ritual stoning of women if such a public display occurred in Saudi Arabia and other Arab States.
I doubt if S L will be administered in my lifetime, Hopefully.
A Hefty fine extracted from their wage or dole package may cool them, and doubled on each additional public performance.
Other than that I would rather not say, but you get what I mean.
Vest said…
River: I shall email the video.
Marie said…
We have a similar movement happening here in Sweden, counteracted by growing support for a quasi-Nazi party called "Sweden Democrats" who are a more thuggish version of Pauline Hanson's Australia Party.

I think as disturbing as the video is, the comments underneath are even worse. There seem to be crazies on both sides of the argument :(

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