Approximately seven weeks ago I destroyed my Wifes lotto ID Card, for reasons of health and safety, meaning my wife's memory problems. The card was a shared card hers and mine . For security reasons it was decided to have the card registered in my name; Leslie J Bxxxxx; and this was the name entered on the lotto card application form.

The former card had registration to approx Jul 14 when discarded.

Today The 7th Feb 14, I received a letter from NSW Lotteries addressed to R Bxxxxx. which included a new card No 01 590 086 77e. This was not the card I expected to receive, It should have read L J Boxxxxxor at least L Bxxxxx NOT rpt NOT R Bxxxxx, or was my instruction too difficult to comprehend . This simply means I have to escort my wife to collect our winnings or visits to lotto offices, therefore wasting time, which is sparse enough even now

Due to this hotch potch It seems that it would be futile for me to expect a correction, in simple terms too difficult to reverse such a miniscule mistake, or maybe someone at NSW Lotteries who is responsible for this faux pas believes 'R' is the complete alphabet. Have a thoughtful day. Les Bxxxxx...Born 1926 , not yesterday.
I - we are still waiting to collect our $ 975-80. winnings.

This can be seen or read on my blog www.dailygaggle.com soon.


Anonymous said…
I have no Idea what this rant is all about?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…

Anon:People wandering around without identification are not surprisingly dim as Toch H lamps.
It seems the NSW lotteries are run from a base in "Slow talking Queensland",or Joh Bonkers Banana Land, where people whose maxi math is ten digits.
Wouldn't surprise me if you were a brain sharing double noddle from Rural Tasmania
Anonymous said…
How to win friends.
Vest said…
Anon: Most of my so called blogging friends appear to be desperately poor, but I do have oodles of friends who have never used a computer.
Vest said…
Today we collected Lotto winnings.Gave agent copy of post.
and requested a correct card be sent poste haste.
WALLY. said…
Most Queenslanders cant think between scoffing one petersens pumpkin scone and the next. sez my mum.
Vest said…
Wally: Queenslanders, slow talkers slow thinkers.
Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise.

NSW Lotteries offices are staffed by banana bending head nodders in a unheard of location called Coorparoo in the Queensland sticks. It is deemed unsafe to travel there.

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