The cooler weather is comforting

Not a bad summer up to now , a few hot days but we were able to deal with any excesses in temp with the air con, today quite pleasant 20c in doors and a westerly (cool) about 30 knots out side with rain at times, The grass (weeds)  is or are saying  thank you to the gods for their survival. Plus of course the seeds which I planted recently which were generously donated by a now disgruntled Rello who took exception to a remark he didn't hear but supposedly was said to his over weight  serial dissident partner, oh well,  that will keep the dung flying a little longer, I am unconcerned and am not at a loss by his excommunication of my blog from his website, but I'll bet he will take a squizz now and then, hard to remove old habits and curiosity.
My wife and I live on the central Coast of NSW Australia, ours is a semi rural seaside situation about two minutes walk from the water, rello's taking exception to me not wishing to trundle down to the hot sun and sand when they visit fail to get the message we are on permanent holiday here and such pleasantries are for visitors to the holiday amenities. our  domestic life is not totally in holiday mode, particularly now we are at an age to appreciate other forms of diversion. one remark I passed was, " while you are on the beach count the number of bikini clad 79 year olds and 87 year old guys in speedo's...
Last week  I trotted down to the local shops mainly to put on the Lotto, the wife forgetful again. Shoddily dressed; unshaven and straight from working in the garden The Guitar plonking hippy Say's something uncomplimentary when I flip him a ten cent coin, the old crone flogging something for Aus ex service blokes ( We are well Acquainted ) Says get a shave you pommy draft dodger, her breath smelling of garlic and booze makes one wonder if she is using public contributions to feed her drinking  habit.
We live in a pleasant Avenue, and we boast the second largest house and well kept I am pleased to say great neighbour's all except no 13 who drives across our lawn has shopping carts as decor among his grass and weeds and a unregistered wrecked car adorning his frontage  since last  June . I must phone the council to get it moved as they repeatedly ignore my emails.
I shall not mention a lot about the recent cricket hostilities between England and Australia, one teenage person I spoke to thought the Derogatory cliche Pommy meant  people from Poland . " An Ignorance of AUS teenagers" likened to a 'gaggle of geese', and a 'hatefulness of sportswriters'
Anyhow I have a new  title for the Aus cricketers , I shall henceforth refer to them as the FAB'S; You can work that one out for yourself, there are many connotations.. some extremely uncomplimentary

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful , committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Vest.... Back soon.


Anonymous said…
From where i stand I see you vest as a well heeled Unimportant. jaguar ownining middle class noall selfish layabout
Vest said…
Anon: What a sad little person you appear to be. However, I must correct you. firstly I am not living the high hog, I also shop at Aldi and drive an aged Ford Falcon 4lt wagon with 165 thou on the clock. again however, I do save more than I spend and my Wife and I are quite comfortable with our lot.
BTW. Without breaking the bank, I could afford a jag, but I see little need at my age to be so pretentious. I have a darling of a wife who tells me umpteen times a day that she loves me and that is all I need to know that I must be doing something right
Anon : get well soon and be kind to people.
Amy said…
Are you really a Draft Dodger Vest?
Vest said…
Might not be posting for a while. Will be taking a trip north to visit 'Salty' our pet croc who has been up to his old tricks again. Quite some story i'm led to believe.
Tim B said…
Anonymous said…
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