Loving Your Tattoo Forever

Why do you need to be tattooed? most intelligent people will wonder or ask the question.It seems it takes less time to decide upon your tattoo than it does to study your dinner menu.
I bet you were not thinking at the time of your new permanent adornment " I Love Sally" on a big rosy heart, that it would be harder to erase  than acquire a divorce blessing from the Pope.
So why did you adorn your pristine body with a temporary obsession which will stay for ever more amen. Not all girls are named Sally your new wife Rose will be confronted with this tat each time you hanky panky in the boudoir
I believe you must be incredibly silly, drunk, bored  or retarded. or easily led.to become tattooed.
Tattoos remind me of the never ending display of graffiti we see in dark alley's and along railway tracks.
Tattoos now appear to be covering the bodies of most sports persons and despite their belief it makes them appear more belligerent, I believe it is the need to be noticed and to send the "I am a tough guy message" like a 21 stone Islander  thugby player completely covered in tatts will tell you it intimidates their opponents.
I also believe there is nothing worse looking than a tattooed female. In day's of yore women who became tipsy lost their cherry; now they get tattooed or both to commemorate the occasion
Would you re-mortgage your home in order to have your tatts removed if possible.,. Is there anyone reading this who has had tatts removed?
Do you believe that Micro willy Clarke and his mate Mitch Johnson - looks like a tattooed Mongolian with that face fuzz, are more attractive to women the way they appear?
I once lived in an environment  for nearly 25 years where tattooing was prevalent, the Brit  Royal Navy. I left with all my hair and teeth and clean bill of health having never grown a beard  and never caught carnal catarrh, although I had  one digit removed two wound scars and two operation scars. and 'No Tattoos'.
Did you become tattooed for a particular reason or do you detest tattoos , give me your reasons why.. Do you have a secret tattoo like a PIN or Phone number. and last of all where is the strangest place you have seen a tattoo?

One is never too old to know better. Have a nice day , be kind to others... Vest..... back soon.

Question.  What Australian Song was Sung by Druids at a fellow Druids Funeral?


Professor said…
Good thinking Vest.
And the answer to your question is,'On the Woad again'?
Vest said…
Good try Prof: But not the one I am thinking of, try again.
WALLY. said…
I think tatts and ink may be the clue but nothing coming up yet.
Some tatts I quite like. Lots I loathe. And they often looks very sad indeed as the nubile young body they were originally adorning sags and wrinkles.
Amy, Swansea. said…
Didn't know much about druids. until I read up on wiki.
Is the song 'singing the blues'.
Vest said…
Elephants child: Our 20 yr old g/ daughter has a large Tatt on her leg. So I am told. Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Amy: Wrong song, try again.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Is it'Singing the Blues' Mike.
Missy-W. said…
Is it any of these titles?
Blue Skies.
Blue Christmas.
Make my brown eyes blue.
Blue moon.
Blue Bayou.
Blue suedr shoes.
Vest said…
Mike and Missy M. No, not the song in question. will reveal all tomorrow.
Rosemary@dailygaggle.com said…
I know what the song title is, I saw him write it on his notepad
and it begins withan H.
CA, USA. said…
A stars and stripes was tattooed on the pecker of a corpse which arrived for my attention at the morgue - I guess he had once bonked for America but not any more.
Vest said…
All you laggards out there , call yourself an Oz, My daughter in Law Guessed straightaway. so here it is.
Written by John Williamson.

Hey, true blue
Don't say you've gone
Say you've knocked off for a smoko
And you'll be back later on
Hey, true blue

Hey, true blue
Give it to me straight, face to face
Are you really disappearing
Just another dying race
Hey, true blue

True blue, is it me and you?
Is it mum and dad, is it a cockatoo?
Is it standing by your mate?
When he's in a fight or just Vegemite
True blue, I'm asking you

Hey, true blue
Can you bear the load? Will you tie it up with wire
Just to keep the show on the road?
Hey, true blue

Hey, true blue
Now be fair dinkum, is your heart still there?
If they sell us out like sponge cake, do you really care?
Hey, true blue

True blue, is it me and you?
Is it mum and dad, is it a cockatoo?
Is it standin' by your mate?
When she's in a fight or just Vegemite
True blue, I'm asking you

True blue, is it me and you?
Is it mum and dad, is it a cockatoo?
Is it standin' by your mate?
When he's in a fight or just Vegemite
True blue, true blue

Read more: John Williamson - True Blue Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Vest said…
Druids were ancient English priests who wore a blue substance on their person to impress or show their authority to the common herd
Not unlike the gaudily attired miscellaneous priests of today.
BBC said…
I have a tat, did it myself when I was 17, and not drinking. It's an outline of a small heart high on my right arm. Have never been interested in getting another.
Vest said…
Hi Billy: I thought you would be one bloke who had stacks of tatts,.
Nice to know you are still in circulation.
Also you must be left handed; or what they call a Molly Dooker In Australia. Keep calling - stay well, and thanks for your comment.
Malcolm, U/K. said…

During the apartheied era in South Africa around the seventies.
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The South African pilot speaks over the intercom ..... " I'm sorry it has come
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Baggage is thrown out but still the plane's altitude continues
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Again silence.

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Still there is silence.

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