Anzacs and Cricket a poor mix.

Let us give thanks to our favourite mentor.- god or whatever, that, the wretched Cricket Test match series in Australia has finally ended. The sickening stench of hatred stirred up by the  Biased and  retarded sports journo's one sided attitude rarely gave a fair account of what was really happening. although the England team were slightly underdone, the strayans or the bludgerygalahs were at their hateful best, using a double headed coin to win the toss is  bad sportsmanship, however, the nice English gents caught on eventually; but it was too late to notice the Vaseline to shine the ball in a bowlers eyebrows also chewy on the ball to make it swing. The Bludgers best bowler or 'Chucker' of the ball was an Afghanistan resembling Genghis inky arms. it seems that foreign cricketers  mainly Paki's get swift immigration approval called the ' Kepler Wessels fast track Migrant and Citizenship within ten weeks approval Bludge'.
As for the RSL Goon, A Mr Rowe who in  today's Sydney Telegraph commented in a column by Chas Miranda an all things British basher who uses the inane  Aus term Pommy; suggesting Britain was re writing history,  Mr Rowe said in his words ,after a lot of crap about WW1 ANZAC casualty rates, Maybe the Brits are annoyed at the cricket. Vest Say's "Grow up Mr Rowe you biased old rissole."
On behalf of the Anzac's and their generous contribution to the WW1 Conflict, Some unbiased history records reveal that a high percentage of Australian soldiers were migrants from Britain or sons and grandsons of Aus ex Britons who instigated the "Call to arms" to assist Britain during the 1914-1918 Great war.
High casualties resulted when taking a squizz over the trench and not using a trench periscope, also unnecessary  bravado.or lack of caution among Anzac's.
Anyhow much of the ANZAC Hype written today is being quoted by mostly non combatants who have little concept of actual warfare, a bunch of jumped up 'Tourist Guides.
Very few people have given much thought about the boot being on the other foot. Do the Turks really love Aussies and others going to the battle fields of WW1Turkey / I doubt it but the tourist dollar is the almighty reason the Turks allow it ; it is a big annual payday for the Turks. However I cannot  see it happening in Australia, If the Turkish nation had invaded  Sydney Cove and  holed up on Bondi beach for months Killing tens of thousands of Aussies before giving up and retreating back to Constantinople. What then?

Vest RN 7-1-42 until 16-7-66. Atlantic, MED, Ind/ocean, Pacific wars., Palestine, Korea and Suez  56 .
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Be kind to people, back soon.... Vest.

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Cricket, shmicket. I would rather watch the grass grow and the paint dry.
And the excuses when we lose are cringe worthy too.
C A,USA said…
Earnings from sports is gotten to an obscene level and should be taxed in a much higher bracket. I have no regard for our football players who would be scared to play unprotected rugby game.

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