Train trip to Nowra and back.

Its a bitova tossup whether the pain of travelling by train is less than that of spending 150 bucks more and drive the 700 kilometres there and back. It is quicker by car but without the relaxation of the train should you be lucky to find a good seat, but it is the in between drag that spoils the train journey, like carting luggage up 48 steps then down to get to the train platform, then arriving at Central Station Sydney another problem - going down 30 odd steps to walk ten Min's along three underground corridors then down more steps to destination platform 25, to catch another train for most of the rest of the rail journey, and of course you are faced with the reverse of the problems during the return journey. Parts of the train journey, conversation with fellow travellers  broke the tedium of staring at piles of sleepers - cows -  sheep and gum trees.
During the return journey, a half  hour wait at Central Station was enough for us to seek out Hungry Jacks burger joint, and what a crabby looking place it turned out to be, Grubby , dismal and not too inviting, the filthy swing door for access was surrounded by the greasy dirty floor , the smiling Asian person served me my two cheeseburgers(one each) Our rumbling tummies won over whether to or not eat.
Rail Corp, This is something you can do to improve the spectre of Central Station, seriously in need of a shake up.
The time spent on our sons large property was relaxing and enjoyable, with visits from Roos and Wallabies - but wasn't too impressed by their local 70's deco Bowling Club closing at 9pm Fri Sat and Sunday..

"Hope is the dream of the waking man". ... Back soon Vest.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said...
Well I am glad you had a nice trip down to see Tony and Bec. Do hope to see you at Richmond station one day it would be nice. As you know we are only 300 metres from the station. We also have a king size bed and can take you to a club that closes at midnight, not too sure if entertainment will be good. But you can be entertained by your two hosts. lots of love David and Mandy.

Friday, 18 October 2013 17:41:00 GMT+11
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Lower deck lawyer. said…
Are Mandy and David rello's of yours? If not what are you two into in your old age, King size bed!!! what next? Mike.
Rosemary. said…
Ldl, trust you to come up with some devious depravity thingy.
In fact we are family, parents to David and sort of inlaw to Mandy.
Anonymous said…
Yo, yer remain alive. All that i need t know.

Anonymous said…
The Dream is always the Waking man ..


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