"How do you rate your Neighbours"

"Remember you are their neighbour too" Are your own odd traits peculiar to them, or are you the perfect neighbour or a pushover for them to exercise their neighbourly bullying.
I shall assess my present neighbours later on in this post.
To purchase a house in my neighbourhood would cost an arm and a leg, not withstanding its position which will be crucial to us oldies when the authorities condemn us to using public transport on reaching 85years of age and restrict you to local limits or deem you as a danger to the public and cancel ones drivers licence.
Our long lease residence is between two to four minutes walk to all we need,  such as doctors dentists (if you still have teeth like myself) then there is a huge supermarket, two pharmacies, newsagent, butchers, garage and spares, restaurants, bakery,  two real estate and a bean counter two ambulance chasers and a fire station and more, that is the reason for us wanting to stay put.
We moved here five years ago from a house on the lake waterfront, with an open plan rear garden giving access to our neighbours dogs to leave their calling cards and mosquitoes galore to add to the misery, only locals are aware of this problem but R/estate people make sure the newcomer is blissfully unaware of the expensive W/front property and its nasties.
We live at No 11,  xxxxx Avenue, Budgewoi on the central coast of NSW IN Australia. When we moved here our neighbours could not be faulted and we were pleased to be told we were nicer people than the previous tenants, however the lady owner from number nine passed on three weeks after our arrival and her adopted son moved in together with a host of occasional lovers plus his large dog which unknown to him was fed scraps over the fence by yours truly and we become good friends, but casual visitors beware.On the day the dog escaped through the gate  and bounded over to me sat down and allowed me to pat him, his owner was astonished as he had feared for my safety. I later told him that , I was a dog whisperer and would he be good enough eradicate the appalling smell by removing the mine field of dog turds in his back garden.
Soon after the Guy  put the house on the market but has been tenanted. since with little concern to us, although it is a shame to see the garden flora  at No 9 degenerate into a mess.
Number thirteen a pretty cottage on our other side was formerly owned by an elderly couple who we found amicable pleasant and were willing to be helpful, their house was immaculate with manicured lawn and gardens, unfortunately both  passed on within three years of our arrival, their grown daughter managed the house on her own until it was sold about eighteen months ago. It was sad to hear her tell my wife Rosemary  that the people moving in were rude and coarse.
The Mob as I shall now refer to them as, moved in like as if the circus had hit town, at a guess it must have been two families, because there out front of their house (For several weeks) was parked a nine ton truck, both evenings and weekends with a smaller truck in front of our house plus  three cars in their driveway and a ute across the road. The Fat lady driver of a ute carrying road maintenance signs drove across our frontage on a wet morning exiting via the ditch leaving a mess of deep tracks to clear up. The following morning when confronted I was greeted with a raised finger and a verbal get stuffed.
After consulting the powers that be and with photographic evidence and a sympathetic cop, in all five vehicles were booked after being warned previously.  At 1130pm that day whilst asleep, the long arm of the law arrived and fixed their problem. A sort of Mexican stand off has been the order of things ever since, although verbal clashes  have been non existent.
Wondering what sort of neighbours you could describe them as will be left up to you people who comment on this blog.  Here are a few noticeable foibles which are painfully  obvious to any person.
First of all the former beautiful garden has been effectively trashed, mainly through lack of maintenance.
Some articles of washing remain on their line or on the ground for several days. The girls bicycle together with helmet, has lain unattended near their side front gate for nearly three weeks through heat and rain, it wouldn't surprise me if the helmet could be housing a deadly  funnel Web spider or at least a couple of poisonous Redbacks. Same would apply to the nine rolled  free local newspapers which have lain strewn over their frontage since the grass was last cut ?.
The several free telephone calls to the local supermarket informing them that one or sometimes two of their customer grocery carts have been located in the front garden of the 'Bidwillians and Druits' at number thirteen, xxxxxx Ave. Bludgerwoi, takes at least two days to effect recovery. and it would seem that, theft charges do not  apply, for any warnings are ignored by the bludgers in no 13.
About two weeks ago, a white rabbit with black ears(Tame) was seen gorging on the veggie patch in my back garden, it's owner at No 13 stated after several days of us trying to catch it, 'Dont worry  when it gets hungry it always comes home,.Well!! well,. Yesterday Bunnykins did not go home.  It was last seen to be travelling in a green grocery bag to his new residence in San Remo.
This morning I re- planted the veggies. We are now experiencing thunder and lightening. but no rain as yet, I hope it will bring a cool spell.
Now it is raining and next door's washing is still on the line!!  Am I becoming a sticky beak  Or simply an old Nosey Parker. or like a N P 'Bron ' in Yorkshire..

BTW.Recently the note received from our R/estate Agents , read.

To Mr & Mrs Bxxxxx
Just a quick thank you for presenting your home in a lovely manner for our routine inspection,Thanks again , Sharon.

Back soon .......Vest.


vest said…
Still waiting for comments so in the meantime this snippit from my Fav Newspaper The S-D Tele say's .Warnie's the worst.

Congratulations to switched on readers for voting Shane Warne's interwiew program the worst show on TV. They got that one right.
Ricky, Email.
Wondering if it was the real rik pong ting.
However, Latest is Shane Warne's latest shag bag has tootled off back to Blighty, thus ending another sexfest.
Dylan. said…
The state of your neighbours continue to surprise me.

I won't bother giving some form of opinion for both sides of your neighbours as it's already clear enough of their...persona.

I hear this type of thing quite a lot actually, which surprises me, because I don't recall any bad neighbours. There was one new neighbour in our previous house, they weren't all bad; they were just kind of arrogant.

Our current abode has rather nice neighbours. One side is friendly and If I see them i'll talk to them. The other side has nice people; but I'm never really outside when they are.
If anything, I might be annoying since our dog barks quite a decent amount.
vest said…
Thank you Dylan for your comment.

Dylan my No 1 grandson will be eighteen today.
"Happy Birthday Dylan".

Dylan, if you have any problems with your dog, pop it along to your local Chinese takeaway.
Jimmy said…
seems like a good place to live
if I hAd the pounds sterling I wuda have been tempted to buy in
Jimmy said…
Lissen mate

First of all, they live in an apartment that is their HOME, and as such they have a human right to cook and eat food! That is something you can do NOTHING about. It is their RIGHT to cook and eat their own food in their own home. Period! In fact if you continue loudly complaining, in any of today's "politically correct" universities, it will soon be YOU who is tossed out for your "intolerance."
Jimmy said…
You have basically two choices here and only two. First of all you could try as others have mentioned to de-sensitize yourself. As a personal therapist for many years let me point out the obvious: your anger and negative reaction has increased your intolerance for these smells about 5-10 times. In other words instead of "getting used" to the smells, you are so furious and stressed out that they are instead getting worse (probably by the day). That is NOT natural or normal and it is a product of your own anger and stress. Indian food does NOT smell "bad" or "overwhelming" in fact Indian cuisine is rated as one of the top five gourmet cuisines in the world. The vast majority of people in the world find the smell of the spice combinations even "heavenly"..
Anonymous said…
Please help me. I live on a college campus in on-campus apartment units. I can't afford to pay $1000/month for where the other white people are so i'm stuck with a bunch of Indian people (and other poor white folks, i guess?). Almost constantly I have to leave my unit because the smell is overwhelming. I've called housing about it and they refuse to get involved even though one of my senses are being assaulted and overwhelmed. I have written to the university president and provost (haven't gotten a response yet). What can I do about the smell? Maintenance can't do anything either, we checked with them. Also, what would seriously piss them off? I can't possibly cook enough beef or pork :( Is there any way I can get even somehow? >:)
Vest said…
The grass at no 13 has been mowed. old newspapers kicked into ditch but retrieved by tenant of no 15 who binned them.
One shopping cart turned up this morning and was dumped into a flower bed during mowing.
Washing on line at No 13 was removed and replaced by fresh washing. Mr lawn mower had little regard for the cloud of dust he made while mowing under the clothes line. so the stupidity and bone idleness continues.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
liked the way you tagged them druits and bidwillians,I shall say, a bunch of gormless boofheads. Mike.
Jimmy said…
in INDIA, the brahmins find u folks disgusting

bcoz u use your left hand too to eat food

the left hand in INDIA is reserved for washing your bum only

Shilpa Shetty was ridiculed for using her hand in BIG BROTHER
Jimmy said…
"Happy Birthday Sweet 18 Dylan".
Jimmy said…
What is considered normal age for loosing your virginity in Aussie land

i understand it is 16 in US
in INDIA in my time it used to be till u marry

I cudnt wait, I paid Doris for it at age 26

Doris was 39
Jimmy said…
Doris was a real good teacher
I fell in love with Doris

then she disappeared

that explains my infatuation for the olderr woman
Kate...fb. said…
Happy birthday Dylan.xxx.

Why take a dog to the takeaway?
Jimmy said…
how heartless can some folks be !
Jimmy said…
Have u wondered why people rite their memoirs before dying?

I dont want to die with skeletons locked in my cupboard

I want to tell all
to confess all
Jimmy said…
VEST told some in his book
but I am betting
he has another book full to tell

and I am all ears
Vest said…
Jimmy: I told all plus a little extra. Telling everything could court disaster. From 2005 I took up blogging to take up the slack, at that stage of my life, I was unlikely to become embroiled into anything sensual or nefarious. meaning , the old cock had come home to roost.
Jimmy said…
From 2005 I took up blogging
Ya I know about the jungle and wat u did in there and with whom

she dont visit much nowadays
had a tiff?
Jimmy said…
I think I no wat u saying
wat u tell may hurt the Roses

but I think ROSE is a good sport
and she might even rite about her memories .....

and all may not include u
vest said…
Kate: To make bow wow chow.
C,A. said…
Unfortunately your neighbors are not unusual we have them in the USA as well. The common term used to describe them is, Persons of Feral Disposition. Best of luck.

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