Hardly a Loving Way to Save. Will 'Electricity Day' become a public holiday?

Valentines day prompted the NSW Premier Christine Keneally to waive the initial cost of becoming hitched. Most people are aware that this forthcoming election would Create lots of pork barreling and minor juicy incentives to vote for the next bunch of loonies seeking control over our lives.

The (Labour) Premier of NSW Australia Kristina Keneally increased the election's vagueness quotient by announcing that, for the next joyful twelve months only, people contemplating marriage will not pay the customary Au$45-00 licence fee.

Desperately seeking votes Kristina explained, "That's not an everyday election giveaway, this is a small gesture on behalf of the State Govt to share the bliss of Valentines day.

Although I am not totally influenced by this priceless gesture, any contribution to ease one' s financial stress received from Govt coffers should be grasped by the love lorn. The future of marriage is very sketchy for the newcomer, if you are experiencing problems prior to taking the plunge, you can be assured they will only get worse later.

Any reduction in taxation would be welcomed anywhere, although our Premier should be looking elsewhere.

So please Kristina" Can we have an Electricity day, Also a car insurance and Rego day and newly weds buying their first cheap hovel, How about a No Stamp Duty day. imagine the savings there Kristina. so please stay your loving self for as long as you reign over us. xxx Swalk". Post 740.

Vest....back soon.

BTW.Too bad that all the people who know how to run a country are too busy driving taxicabs and cutting hair


Anonymous said…
who else has spotted the big mistake, C, K.
Vest said…
I have 'Clever Dick'. at the time my sub concious mind was thinking Christine, our beautiful niece.
Jimmy said…
for a vote
they promise u the moon

your polly ticians are same as ours
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Re, Tequila and salt.

Lots and lots of love Jane xxxxxx.
Amy. said…
Hi Vest.

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Jimmy said…
outer aspect of the body.
The skin sags, develops lines, shows wrinkles and becomes unattractive

The body is just a garment Amy

it dont matter what garments u wear

the one who loves u has seen your soul and your beauty full mind

these only get better with time
U dont need anti ageing creams Amy

your firm breasts will sag
your tight ass will turn to Jelly

Dont worry it dont matter to the one who really loves u hon
Lower deck lawyer. said…
The beautification of Vest, quite a tall order, no I'm saying it can't be done. Mike.

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