Slowing down a necessity.due to health matters. Je veux voir medecin.

Too much exposure to stressful activities may be enhancing the intermittent pains dancing around my head, although nothing amiss has happened during the past ten minutes or so which would be about the average time before another short sharp stabbing pain occurs. I am not a happy soul having to put up with this dilemma  which has increased in intensity over the past couple of months. You will remember this is the ongoing after effects of a domestic accident which occurred  8-2-08. Coupled with the afore mentioned predicament is my unsteady gait and general dizzy embodiment.
Numerous tests scans and x rays have not come up with an answer to my problem, although the neurologist I spoke to about six weeks ago did inform me it was something I would have to live with full time. However, the increase in activity over the past few weeks was not expected, it leads me to think that there is a case for further examination.
My next visit to the neurologist on Monday 17th inst may shed more light on my problem.
Social life has gone by the board, I am now a dry non smoking ex dancing club member, next it will be becoming a Vegan, not much fun to follow as boudoir frolicking flew out of the window sometime back.

There is little I can say about the floods up north which has not already been said.

The England cricket teams both M&F continue on their merry winning ways, but it is shameful that the local sports journo's have denigrated the efforts of the Aussie teams; in turn sounding the death knell for former top players.
It is not a divine right for Australians to be the winners in every sporting contest, there are occasions when you come off second best despite one's valiant efforts. And for future captains of Oz Twenty 20 games, batting first is not a good option when you win the toss, batting 2nd regulates the scoring pace; or do they do it different in Topsy turvy land ? however, it didn't work last night.

Nothing coming in from prodigal son, "We hope you are happy and well".
Domestic life is proceeding normally nothing untoward.
Some bad news from the U/K, the Patriarch of our(Wife and I) families worldwide is sick in hospital suffering from pneumonia and septicemia, my brother in law Percy is three months my elder. My family here in Australia wish you well Percy.
And for all of you out there  remember, Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.

Back later....Vest.


Jimmy said…
u will neer grow old
as long as u have LOVE in your heart
Jimmy said…
Not me silly boy
love your neighbor

Wally and his ....
C A. said…
You are getting old and infirm, haven't you noticed?
Vest said…
CA: Like the USA economy suffers from Beijing belly.
Amy. Swansea. said…
Vest, who is this person CA who is always rude to you?
Anonymous said…
Amy: I am not certain, however he gives me a clue as he lives in CA (California) Possibly the disgruntled illegal Mexican wet who goes under the blog name 'Zombie slayer' his name is Paul Rubino.

Amy stand clear of the Fan.
Jane Stokes-Honour. said…
Hi Uncle Les

Sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment. Its so horrible when you feel so unwell. Really hope it can all be sorted out quickly for you.

I have just received your lovelly birthday card. Thank you so much. Another year older!!!!!! Where do the years go.

Speak very soon. Lots of love to you all Jane xxxxxxxxxx
Davoh said…
mm, dunno about you .. but methinks 'irrepressible' comes to mind .. heh.

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