DNA test for dogs poo-dunnyt. 'Bow Wow's ' Calling cards are now readable.

COUNCILS want to DNA-test dog droppings, so they can track down owners who refuse to pick up after their pets and send them a fine.

The hardline approach, being trialled overseas, has won support from councillors in Sydney, North Sydney, Woollahra, Waverley and Ashfield.

Genetic Technologies, Australia's largest canine testing laboratory, wants to implement the DNA testing scheme and is preparing detailed submissions for councils.

It works like this: dogs would be given a mouth-swab while they're being microchipped at the vet and their DNA stored on a database.
Council rangers would collect droppings and send samples for testing to find a database match. Owners would then receive a fine notice for failing to clean up after their dogs.
Ashfield Councillor Nick Adams says dog droppings are an "enormous problem'' and has vowed to get the ball rolling on a feasibility study.
"I support this idea and would welcome any initiative that protects the health of my residents and helps clean up the area,'' he said.

A DNA-testing program is being trialled in Israel, with a reward system for pet-owners who scoop up their dog's mess and place it in specially marked bins.

Genetic Technologies, which also does crime-scene analysis for NSW police, has set up a DNA database for Melbourne's Port Phillip Council to solve dog attacks on residents and pets.

Testing director Ian Smith said DNA tests on dog droppings could be easily implemented in NSW at minimal cost.
"DNA profiling is getting cheaper and cheaper,'' he said. ``The program will raise public awareness of the problem and the fine revenue should offset the start-up of the program.''

New Woollahra Mayor Andrew Petrie said he'd support the strategy, provided it met certain criteria.
"If it wasn't an invasion of people's privacy and, legally, you could do it, then I'd be very interested to hear more on the matter,'' he said.

North Sydney Council, where dog-fouling penalties cost up to $550, is also getting behind the plans.
"I think it's a pretty good idea,'' Councillor Veronique Marchandeau said.
"It will happen here, as long as it's cost-effective. It's one of the many tools councils can use.''

Sydney City Labor councillor Meredith Burgmann said the idea should be considered, as did Liberal councillor Shayne Mallard.
"There is a minority of pet owners who aren't responsible and damage the reputation of all pet-owners,'' he said.

North Sydney dog-owner Alex McNee had mixed feelings: "I think it's a bit heavy-handed, but I'd rather they did that than shut down dog parks. You can't take dogs to beaches any more, so the parks are all we've got.''.....................................................................................................................................................................

Vest Say's. "Here are my two cents worth regarding this matter"
In the wash up of this extraordinary gathering of Sydney councils, it is yet to be decided who will be given the task of collecting poo - sorry dog shit. I am thinking there will be few takers unless the rewards are generous.

Nothing can be more off putting than to go out at night or come home in a darkened area where you tread into this stinking effluent. Suddenly the whole car stinks when it is trod into the carpet, or worse still, this is true, our grand/children are visiting and in the darkness fail to see the mess our next door neighbours dogs ( 2 of them with a dog apiece)have left in our driveway grass verge, the children run into the house with it all over the carpet. When this happened on the second occasion, I sent both neighbours a cleaning bill for $40;00 each which they refused to pay. Eventually after much haggling the local council, screwed them with a heavy fine for several offences, however,we decided to move away from this situation and are now settled comfortably, However letting the miscreants know in full that not only the council, but I too, needed the satisfaction of retribution to be expedited SAP I hatched this sinister plot.
A few days before leaving our last residence, we had packed most of our worldly goods and we decided to visit friends for a few days. It was Australia day 26th Jan and promising to be hot, our neighbours had set up tables and chairs plus sun shelters in preparation for the the 'Big Pissup and barby in their back gardens'.

Let it be known I am not a vindictive person unless pushed to the limit, however on that hot Australia day opportunity knocked.

Before leaving I popped up the road and bought 30 kilos of concentrated chicken and cow manure in pellets , called 'Dynamic lifter' Which when wet will stink for two or three days.This was distributed equally in both front and back gardens about 10:am then two hoses on timers were turned on for ten minutes on leaving to visit our friends. Half an hour later I stopped in a lay by and phoned both my neighbours wishing them a Happy Australia day.
Do you have a asshole of a neighbour you wish to thank in full, legally.
,  plot your retribution right now, simply follow my previous devious instructions and avag'day.


lower deck lawyer said…
You hit the nail on the head mate when you suggested there would be no takers for the job of collecting evidence. Mike.
Vest said…
Wally and others who emailed me enquiring how to get this employment, The simple answer is contact your local council 'Parks and Wildlife Dept', I am sure that will do the trick.

I thought Wally was a plumber?
Davoh said…
It's the thin edge of the wedge, i tell ya. Next; human beings will be require to 'mouth swab' when getting driver's licence, next; 'bar code tattooed on forehead. If that is .. um, 'un-acceptable'; microchip secretly implanted when visiting outpatients.
wanna have a shit?
(all of the above is completely non sequitur ;)
DYLAN. said…
re floods. Wow, amazing photos. Thanks for the link!
Jane, S-H. said…
I will be away from my computer until the evening of Saturday 22nd January and will get back to you as soon as possible.
IMS. said…
Muslim street singer in France?

Not any more ..........

The change will do him good....

Dylan. said…
Muslim singer.

LOL. Hilarious. He break the chair legs. xD

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