Hearing is disbelieving.

Reluctantly I visited my local physician yesterday in order to confirm my ears were clear for my forthcoming stability test on  Monday. Having already followed instruction to clear my lugholes from nasties, the non glove wearing Quack took a Gander by using a scope to poke into my tinnitus ravaged sound boxes.
The result a clear port side but an infected starboard side, requiring anti body drops until whenever!
Something I did notice after the failed oriental medical comedian told me that the only thing I should put in my ear was my big toe; anything else creates infection, was the doc then put the ear scope away in a cupboard uncleansed.
J'ai des e'tourdissements.
To be a greater person you must believe you are the best, even if you know your'e not, pretend you are.

Vest... Back later.


Jimmy said…
u will never be be 18 again buddy
Doc. said…
So you feel dizzy!. Not unusual with an ear infection. Are you taking other meds? if so could make it worse.
Vest said…
Doc: "Ah a doc who speaks frog".
Answer, Yes.

My stability test could not be done due to the cock up by my local dopey Physician sending me with an ear infection.

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