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June 06, 2009 12:00am

WHAT a life. Professor Chris O'Brien made Australia a much better place to live and by all accounts enjoyed a fine time doing so.

His death at 57 is immeasurably sad but certainly not from any perspective of chances missed or potential unrealised.

Almost until his dying day, Professor O'Brien made the most of his chances and reached the very limits of his potential. His life is essentially a how-to guide for honest and spectacular achievement. It should be a matter of national celebration that Professor O'Brien lived long enough to ensure that his vision of an integrated cancer treatment centre would come true.

The ultimate tribute to his life and work will come in 2012, when the centre is expected to be completed.

People who have never heard of Professor O'Brien - people who may not even have been born yet - will continue to benefit from his decades of hard work.

Meanwhile, those close to Professor O'Brien have lost far more than a master medico. They've lost a husband, a father and a friend - whose wicked sense of humour never left him, even as he battled the disease that would claim his life.

Someone who, when the odds were massively stacked against him, still managed to crack a joke. It doesn't get more Australian than that. Professor Chris O'Brien will be deeply, achingly missed.

Andrew Symonds, Mr Cricket in the wrong time frame.

FOR a player who epitomised the modern game, all-rounder Andrew Symonds possibly belonged in a different era.

The excesses that have seen him sent home from England - and probably ended his international career - would likely have blended in seamlessly in the 1960s and '70s. But we can't choose our time. The tragedy is that the conclusion of Symonds' career will obscure its many spectacular highlights - and also the unconventional beginning of his career.

Adopted in the UK by parents who shortly afterwards migrated to Australia, Symonds actually turned down selection for an English team so that he would qualify to play for Australia.

It was a confident (and patriotic) decision, because Queenslander Symonds was at the time still some years from representing Australia.

When he did eventually win selection, Symonds was a stunning performer - particularly in limited-overs cricket but increasingly so in Tests. We wish him well.

A gifted entertainer, Symonds is owed a debt of joy by anyone lucky enough to have watched him at his peak.

'Going to the club tonidght'? Surrender now!

THE SECRET is revealed. It turns out that women go to the bathroom in packs so they can increase their mysterious powers by boosting progesterone levels.

Clever men should surrender immediately. The cleverest already have.


Anonymous said…
He sounds like a great guy. The good always die young. Enjoy the club and drink a drink to the man. Cheers.
Jimmy said…
he rote to TSHmom too
Jimmy said…
I want to no what u guys really tink about me

rite me an epithah
the best one will be inscribed on my grave stone

u first ROSE
rosemary said…
Ode to Jimmy. By Rosemary.

His Father was a Banker and his Mother was a Tinker
But he turned out to be nothing more - than A Wanker and a Stinker.
Jimmy said…
here lies K
she has finally been laid
Jimmy said…
never knew how much I loved her
never knew how much I hated him

until Wally married Mrs Wally
Jimmy said…
heres one for ROSE

she married in haste
and married a NAVAL officer

she regrets she was not born 40 years later

when Jimmy came around
kate...fb said…
Rosemary - such genius should be praised, great poetry - and you got it right jimmy can really be a little stinker at times.

Hey jimmy you are late if i'm the k you refer to.
and no it wasn't vesty
Jane, Mary,Penny, Emma. Jodie,& Sally. said…
Here lies Rosemery laid to rest after being laid by Vest,
And this for sure we can attest that vesty was beyond the best.

Ooh Ooh Ah yes yes yes. Vesteeeeeeee Oh yea.
CA, USA. said…
Vest. Could it be that your nickname is Polony or sausage?
Vest said…
It seems that this post has lost its original intent, even dear and beloved got into the act. However, it is the best reply I can find to your comments.
Keshi said…
I hv a tribute comin up in my blog for my fav doc in the world. I was heartbroken beyond words when prof Chris O'Brien died. He was a remarkable humanbeing.

HAHAHAHAHAHA @Rosemary's ode to someone!


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