Message for Andrew B ims.

Andrew B ims. I have spared you the indignity of exposure by not posting your vitriolic email contents worldwide although you will be aware by now a selected number of associates do have the full contents.
Remember, True friendship is unconditional, at least it is with me.

Andrew: May the almighty, grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Have a thoughtful day, Vest.


lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest. Read your email sent early this morn re ims. who does that prick think he is , Gods gift to the nation?
Then he states he hopes this doesn't stir the can and does exactly that. Mike.
Keshi said…
wuts going on Vesty?

Jacko is dead...Farrah is dead. Death is looming ard all of us and ppl r still going on with petty issues? I think they need a reality check!

Vest said…
Keshi: Its a pity your E addreess isn't available, as it makes interesting reading, and may cause over load on your blog comment, I suppose I could try.
Davoh said…
nil desperandum carborundum .. or something akin to that notion.
Davoh said…
or .. 'rally to the flag of St. George' er .. oops, a Roman notion ..

Brrrach Boadica!!!!!
C A. said…
I recall on your post in March Andrew B was a combo of a John Cleese - Nerd and Rowan Atkinson.

Andrew dear fellow, don't promote your cleverness with rudeness.
We all do our best the best way we know.
Vest I did not see your reply, I will send e address for it ok?
Davoh said…
Vesty, I didn't see most of the underlying detail about this post. However, I do get your email versions.

can't offer much, but
am on your side.
Vest said…
* I heard recently that, on average, Andrew B @ims receives two turds in the post each week. What I want to know is................ who's sending the other one?
Anonymous said…
Hmm, not really what blogging is meant to be about. I can think of better things to do.
Vest said…
Sorry Aggie about this dissention,x.
And for you other guys and blog purists, my next restricted post by E mail only, will have you clinging to your seats with white knuckles.

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