Being selfish by Soldiering On with a head cold.

Of course it is easy for the likes of myself to blather on about staying at home taking it easy.
Being a person with many options; mostly whether I do it or not, all depending on my state of mind at that particular time, a person in the workforce does not have this luxury and in most case's pulls a sickie if he hasn't already used them up to watch sporting activities. However this is mainly for those workaholics and sadly in some cases people totally dependent on being there or being fired.


We are currently being bombarded with television adverts encouraging us to take Codral Cold Tablets so that we can continue to go to work despite suffering from coughs, colds and even influenza. The implication is that by "soldiering on" you are being brave and conquering adversity, and that Codral Cold Tablets will help you win the war. In fact, you are being stupid and anti-social. As I have written before,

"there is no evidence based research indicating that over the counter cough and cold treatments have any effect on shortening the duration of illness" they merely alleviate symptoms.

Soldiering on is very bad advice on two counts. Firstly, the symptomatic relief does nothing for the course of the viral disease, it merely allows the afflicted person to hide the illness, to function more or less normally and to infect as many healthy people as possible. Secondly, by "soldiering on" when they should really be at home looking after themselves, afflicted persons are risking secondary bacterial infections such as bronchitis, middle ear infection and even pneumonia.

If you get a cold, stay at home and be kind to yourself, loaf around, get a lot of of sleep and drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic), and lay off the sex. You are not doing anyone any favours by going to work, you won't be very productive and will probably infect a lot of people while you are at it. Remember that colds are spread by droplet infection emitted by coughing and sneezing, so cover your mouth and nose and definitely do not spit in public. Infection can also be spread by touch so don't use the same phone as someone who has a cold, and everyone should wash their hands a lot, especially if they use shared keyboards. If you go to your doctor, don't expect a script for antibiotics. Antibiotics are ineffective against viral illnesses, although our doctor has not learned of this scientific theory and has prescribed Amoxin a antibiotic for nearest and dearest who has symptoms as previously stated.

If you are a manager, do everyone a favour and send infected staff home, and don't expect ill people to come to work, and don't play the martyr and come in yourself if you are sick. Provide paper towels and encourage frequent hand-washing.

As I wrote above, cold and flu tablets, including Codral, do nothing to shorten the course of the disease as they only provide symptomatic relief. Because these cold treatments reduce the apparent symptoms the temptation is to behave normally. If you have a light head-cold with just a runny nose or watering eyes you probably will not do yourself any harm, but you will still pass it on to everyone else. However if you have generalised symptoms such as muscle aches, chills or chest infection you really should rest. Many studies have shown that physical stress delays healing, in other words your cold or flu will hang around longer, especially if you play sport or go to the gym. And remember lay off the sex and sleep solo.


Don't soldier on with Codral. It is unfair to yourself and to all your contacts.

BTW. Guess who has a stinker of a head cold, and guess who gave it to me. Vest.


Vest said…
Here is a strong reminder for people intent on buying a small or large blower heater, for use in the home.
Make certain your floors are clean and elevate these these heaters away from the floor, otherwise by placing them on the floor - especially carpet you will be inviting heaps of miscellaneous nasties to invade your lungs and nostrils like dust mites - soil as well as hair and skin particles.
Mind you if you wish to ignore this advice, you will become a prime target for starting at sniffles and winding up with severe respiratory problems such as Flu.
Jimmy said…
give it to me in Short buddy
Jimmy said…
Fame and renown

they dont last long

gimme LOVE
not your love

but the love of a beautiful woman
beautiful in soul, mind. spirit

the body
it dont count

body beautiful ages
kate...fb. said…
Hi vesty what has sex to do with a common cold, are you getting excited about your new venture?
Luvs ya
Vest said…
Dunno wot yer mean Kate, most people become excited over something new, mind you I am fussy wouldn't attache myself to something common-be they hot or cold.x.
Vest said…
Dunno wot yer mean Kate, most people become excited over something new, mind you I am fussy wouldn't attache myself to something common-be they hot or cold.x.
Vest said…
Probably watching the OZ cricket test team getting done by a second string English team.
Go to bed. I will be back soon, I am having a very busy W/E.
Jimmy said…
Staying in unhappy Marriages
Jimmy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Aww, sorry about the headcold Vesty. I've just gotten rid of one. It's winter you know. Take care of yourself.
Unknown said…
Please delete those comments from Jimmy. He has copied word by word from my article.

The article is copyright protected and i can file a DMCA complaint.
Anamika said…
Remove the comments of Jimmy immly. He has copy pasted from my copyrighted content.
Anamika said…
I am going to file a DMCA complaint by tomorrow with google for copyright violation if i do not see you getting rid of Jimmy's comments which are copy pasted from my article on HubPages.
Vest said…
Anamika. Thank you for our comments.
From what I can Gather, you must be one very nice person, but possibly short of friends. However, I shall not dwell too long with the compliments.

It was widely indicated that I would be absent from my blog for about a month from July 18. Close friends and family were aware that for security reasons the absence from my home in Australia was not made public. Only my son had access to my blog, and he has stated there was little reason for me to be informed or concerned during my final visit to elderly relatives in England, one in particular who was terminly ill.
Having not slept for nearly two days, this morning I have an opportunity to check my email.
There seems to be no indication that the 'Jimmy' comment was (Copyright), however, as it has little in common with the contents of the post I shall delete it forthwith and that should be the end of the matter.
If such material should come my way again via 'Jimmy' please inform me.
Jimmy said…
I did do a COPY PASTE Vest
but it was not from Anamika

I am sure
Jimmy said…
I never forget a pretty face
Jimmy said…
Hey Anamika

I do a lotta copy paste
but I acknowledge the SOURCE in my BLOG

is that OK?
were u going to sue VEST or ME lady?
Jimmy said…
sue VEST
he has lotta money in POUNDS

Jimmy said…
your article hit a chord in me

I stayed in a loveless marriage for 26 years

We are catliks and the marriage has to be annuled by the POPE in Vatican

it takes about the same time
as cannonizing Mom Theresa

or owning up to the INJUSTICE done to Galileo

meanwhile poor Galileo died in his cell
he didnt live to hear the apology

another reason for sticking together

what will the neighbors say
Barney from Melbourne said…
That jimmy feller must be the biggest fruit cake on blogger - what a cock sucking goof, why do you tolerate him?
Vest said…
Barney: I do not approve of foul language on this blog. However, you are not far wrong in your assessment of Jimmy.
Jimmy said…

VEST was born Christian
though he turned ATHEIST now

bcoz of the flogging bad boys get in Christian boarding schools from the PADRES (and NUNS too)

but he still goes by the teachings of JESUS

even Barney guys
Jimmy said…
heyyy VEST

I just did my best post on FRIENDS ARE FOREVER (no COPY PASTE this time)

I screwed the YANKS
without using foul lang as Barney does

is BARNEY Yank or WANK?
John Leonard Spencer. said…
Anamika: I have just returned from your self esteemed blog and noted that a comment from Vest had been removed, how sad! yet it was true but gave you no compliment which it would seem you thrive on.

This segment is a copy of my comment on your post.

Anmika. Being perfect most of the time must be irritating to the extreme when someone trips you up, no one is perfect it goes with the job unless you are the creator fools with archaic beliefs follow aimlessly.
Jimmy said…
who da Duck is John da Leonard !
Barney. From Melbourne. said…
Anmika, ive just been to your blog miss cocksure it seems that only comments that praise you in almighty fashion get posted so i wont waste my time - go boil your head. your just anuvver fruit cake like jimmy. and a frigger.
frog said…
Anmika - are you a another shit stained indian prophet saving the world or a braindead gormless goon who dont like blokes - go an git stuffed.
Vest said…
Ok guys, no mre compliments on this post please, just cool it.
Bedtime for me.
WALLY said…
Jimmy - Anamika doesn't have a pretty face-I have not seen a more uglier dial than that of Anamika's and that is more frightening than a pigs arsehole
Jimmy said…
I missed u hon
Jimmy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anamika said…
Thanks for removing the comment of Jimmy. But still my hub is showing duplicate content detected @
Regarding copy paste from blogs I have deleted some such comments because just like i have found a duplicate in your blog some one else would find mine as duplicate content because of such comments.
Vest : I deleted your comment by mistake.
By the way, Thanks a lot of the nice compliments.
Vest said…
Anamika: Like ships that pass in the night unseen; we part company. Not unlike a soiled memory of mistrust with swords drawn. Farewell that we shall never ere meet again.
Jimmy said…
she is in love Vest

with u
Rose will kill her

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