Death Trap Vehicles, Buy Yours 'Now' and become a road death statistic.'

Bargain priced 'No Frills' cars and utes(pickups) Guaranteed to spend more time being repaired than being of practical use to the owner are now on sale in NSW OZ.
Now you would expect these soon to be rust buckets to be significantly cheaper when compared to the trustworthy history of other models that Tradesmen and ute lovers have become accustomed to, well they 'ain't mate', they are just a nibbling bit off the the regular mob prices but that's where it ends and your maintenance cost on these piss poor Chinese chariots become more expensive to support than Paris Hilton with six kids.
A duo of these utes are now in Oz, both of these inferior vehicles are lacking some of the most basic safety features which are mandatory in other vehicles made or allowed into Australia. It is a pity I'm forbidden to use the 'F' word to describe the pair of 'Great Wall' named utes of differing power packages. However, a tradesman hitting a wall in ether of these monstrosities will more than likely leave his family destitute. "You see Mr Bert Westy; Licenced plumber and gas fitter, these pretty and cheap oriental death buggies ain't got any Anti locking brakes or any Air Bags". "And to add to your dilemma when, or if you are silly and spend your hard earned you may like to know beforehand that, neither of these darlings have ever been crash tested for an ANCAP safety rating". Now you may think I am going overboard on this matter but the truth is I am not. Chinese goods have a long standing tradition of being sub standard - unreliable with a dodgy life expectancy,they are like good mates until your money runs out. Many of us have experienced the failure of Chinese hand tools such as Screwdrivers which bend in the screw slot and the same goes for spanners(wrenches) too. My most reliable tools are more than half my age and have Broad Arrows on them - tools which retired from the Brit Navy with yours truly, made in England.
This Saga can be likened to the arrival of that heap of shite the Russian built 'Lada Samara' which sneaked into Oz about fifteen years back, I shall spare you the details of that Volga little horror, whch no self respecting crooked car dealer would take as a used 'trade in'.
So any nutter out there owning one of these Dim Sims on Wheels should be given a compulsary IQ test before taking it on the road, and 'let us all pray' to the Ghost of The Great Henry Ford for the demise of these delightful little motorcars.
Now is the time for a few derogatory slogans to appear, such as: 'Great walls hit the wall faster.

Drive safely, Vest


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