Couples to Sign Contracts before SEX to avoid Rape.

Couples to sign contracts before sex to avoid rape.

AN independent female MP is calling for couples to sign contracts before having sex, to avoid false allegations of sexual assault being made.
Independant South Australia MP Ann Bressington today confirmed she was serious when she said couples should sign a contract before sex to combat false rape allegations, if proposed laws are passed.
The independent MP yesterday told Parliament the planned new laws, which make it an offence to continue a sex act with a person after consent if they changed their mind, would make it easier for men to be accused of rape.
She also claimed "one-night stands" and casual relationships would become a "high-risk activity".
"Perhaps this parliament could devise a contract which men could carry around in their pocket, next to their condoms," she said during a speech to Parliament.
"There could be a waiver should a man meet up with a woman who has had a couple of drinks before they engage in sexual intercourse.
"The contract may contain the name and address of the women, with her driver's licence number, so that the man can see the signatures match, clauses that state that the woman has or has not been drinking or taking drugs licit or illicit and that she consents to foreplay."
Does this help or hinder.
The proposed contract would also include details of the woman's marital status, whether she has children and whether she consents to being taken to another location to engage in sexual activity.
Is this realistic or ridiculous? Tell me by commenting on either one or the other.. Ms Bressington confirmed she thought men should carry sex contracts if the current Bill passed both houses of Parliament.
"(The Bill) opens the door to more false allegations that are already occurring. Men will have no defence from women falsely crying "Rape".
"This Bill makes men guilty until proven innocent and they will have no defence."
When quizzed further about the contract idea, she said she was serious because it would prevent men being falsely accused.
Fellow independent MP Kris Hanna, who has been pushing for new consent laws for years, said the Bill's intention was to prevent men being able to claim consent was given in ridiculous situations - such as when a women was unconscious or blind drunk.
"We are trying to encourage reasonable conduct," Mr Hanna said juries "usually come up with a commonsense result" in the types of cases Ms Bressington was referring to.
The same controversial Bill led Independent MP Bob Such to claim T-shirts emblazoned with provocative slogans encouraged sexual assaults when it was debated in the Lower House earlier this year.
Ms Bressington said the planned laws "make men guilty until proven innocent" and suggested the low conviction rate in rape cases was because of inadequate investigative practices rather than poor laws.
She said government was invading "our bedrooms or even the back seat of our cars".
Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service director Vanessa Swan said the laws brought SA in to line with other Australian states.
"I think it is a really positive development and will improve the situation for victims of sexual assault," she said.


Anonymous said…
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When I was 30, I enjoyed it.
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Anonymous said…
I am now in a long term relationship based on trust . Does this mean I must now sign a Stat/Dec and have it notorised to cover my ass. Maybe it could test the relationship?
Anonymous said…
I suggest the ladies carry a swipe-box. This can be accessed by the male who carries a card with his details, when swiped the card gives his details to the lady and he receives a printout of her details. The issue of a swipe box and a card can only take place after an official questionaire is completed at a specified government dept. Mike.
Anonymous said…
when I had sex
I was only asked for my HIV Test clearance
Anonymous said…

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Anonymous said…
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