We are about to be Invaded.

The invasion by relatives is imminent. they will arrive at lunchtime today Sunday. Seven in all will be accommodated, my office (Spare Bedroom)only used when er indoors has a headache; will be the main sacrificial lamb of peace and comfort, the valance of the bed hides two Queen sized mattresses secreted underneath the bed, which together with the lounge room furniture will provide sleeping facilities, on the floor ; as in camping. We in NSW OZ are now in the second week of yet another school vacation, Two of our Grand children will stay until next Sunday, the others will return Home on Tuesday after My #4 son completes a huge 'Carpet Cleaning contract' for a very large firm to which my #5 son is the purchasing officer, I smell a big back hander here, but be rest assured, I will not be in the fiscal equation, just the opposite by footing the bill for their stay over, I suppose its the set in stone rule that, GP's & Parents will provide sustenance and comfort for visiting relatives also foot the bills too when visiting them.
What I should be really saying is "Could you please leave your visit until next month, as by then, hopefully I may become a lottery winner.
I shall probably be back Tuesday, have a pleasant day, Vest.


Anonymous said…
it happens all the time in India

I live close to the airport
all the guys coming to india

their first step is my home
and I am perennialy broke
Vest said…
Anon: And to add to the discomfort it hsa been raining for the past week with little hope of relief in sight.
Anonymous said…
You deserve all of this grief and domestic calamity, couldn't happen to a nicer person, with raspberries.
Anonymous said…
Hi vesty, well wadda y-know weve got three young-uns or brats staying with us too and being neighbours sort of we are copping the very same rain and more fricken rain, more's the pity it dont get to the drought areas, hope you keep your sanity over the next week luvs ya xxx.
Vest said…
Hi there USA Nemesis. Which of the half dozen or so of my unclesamland nemesise's are you or are you shivering in your smelly underwear in case I discover your real identity.
The strength of my calls to the USA has diminished over the past few months, likewise comment from USA but calls to this blog from the USA are the highest from all sources. A nosey lot you wanky doodles, cat got your tongue?.

Kate: Heavy rain has prevented #4 son and brood from calling today, they intend to get here 2pm tomorrow and stay for just 2 days, in order to get the big job done.xxx,
Anonymous said…
#4 son ??
how many sons do u have anyway?

didnt u name them ?
Vest said…
Anon: You asked "How many sons do u have anyway, didn't you name them".

Well it is only small minded dweeps like you who do not have a name who ask these intrusive questions. However, for the cost of twenty bucks plus postage, you can read my memoirs, which imparts much more than the info you require.
#1 Son Christopher, made in Malaya and born in Singapore 23:9:54.
#2 Son Anthony, born in England 27:6:56.
#3 Son David, Born in England 29:6:59.
#4 Son Andrew, made in Hongkong and born in England 30:10:64.
#5 Son Timothy, born in England 2:8:67.
I have six Granddaughters and two Gr/Granddaughters.
And only one Grandson.

To all Anons, if you have a name be proud of it; tell the world who you are.
Everyone-have a lovely day.
Anonymous said…
Nemesis USA, It must be obvious that you are wearing a 'Large Sanitary Pad'.
Anonymous said…
Amy- are you inferring nemesis has a big one or is a big one?
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
how come no daughters Vest?
Vest said…
Anon asks, how come no daughters vest.
Daughters too expensive to keep, I have one gay son (close enough) who owes me stacks.
Anonymous said…
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oldestwomanintheworld_99: well church is powerful
sabydasouza: not church idiot
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sabydasouza: the church SUXS
sabydasouza: His followers corrupted His message
oldestwomanintheworld_99: hey
oldestwomanintheworld_99: church is house of god
sabydasouza: BS
sabydasouza: church is a den of thieves says Jesus
sabydasouza: He drove off the money lenders from the temple with a whip
oldestwomanintheworld_99: no way

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What on earth this is all about ill never know.vest.
Anonymous said…
I normally dump such trash on Ks blog

but she banned me now
i hope i dont get the boot from here too

there are few blogs who can take the shit i shit
Anonymous said…
I am bored when America sleeps
all the Ks i love live in America
Anonymous said…
I want better pay for defence, civil services: PM

NEW DELHI: Allaying apprehensions among government servants over the Pay Commission recommendations, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said he favoured proper remuneration for the civil and defence services.

The Pay Commission has recently submitted its report and some apprehensions have been expressed by certain sections of the civil services on parts of the report, he said addressing senior officers on the Civil Services Day.

"I would like our civil and defence services to be properly rewarded. I also believe that the tax payers will not grudge anyone of us better remuneration as long as we are serving the best interests of our people, most efficiently," Singh told them.

He said that the government has already set in motion a mechanism for hearing and redressing the grievances of the government servants.

In the wake of the criticism over the recommendations, the government last week announced the setting up of a high-level official committee headed by Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrasekhar to process the report of the sixth Pay Commission.

Observing that improved conditions of work "must go hand-in-hand with improvement in work," Singh said given government's deep commitment towards the welfare of all its employees equally, "I would also expect the highest standards of discipline and decorum from all civil servants".
Vest said…
Vest said...
This message is for those silly- mostly anonymous callers whose inappropriate comments I delete.

In all the work we do,our most valuable asset can be the attitude of self-examination. It is forgivable to make mistakes, but to stand behind a wall of self righteousness and make the same mistake twice or more is not forgivable.
Nothing can stop the person with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the person with the wrong mental attitude.
Keshi said…
lol Vesty u said it the best!

Anonymous said…
Gordon, I would dare say 'Both'.
Anonymous said…
annony mouses are live creatures too

dont kill them
love all

Vest said…
tqmcinti: As you say the 22nd of April was Earth day, how fascinating!! Well good Queen Bess's 82nd birthday was on Monday and today the 23rd we have St George's Day. However, during the past four days of piddling rain and the bickering between the seven visiting relatives was 'Saint Bastards Day' - not sure which one it was but each would have been a contender.
As a result of the visit #5 son is fleeing the coop and it would seem most of the bickering will depart with him. The house is now at peace and an eerie silence prevails. I shall shower and retire to bed. Pleasant dreams. Vest.
Anonymous said…
It is malaysia not malaya you dimwit.
Vest said…
Hi there Nemesis USA. Thanks for the info already known to me.
Please note fishbrain that in 1954 Malaysia was known as Malaya.

Tomorrow being ANZAC day (As in Memorial USA and Remembrance Britain.)
I shall be with my fellow Vets and remembering the carnage of the various wars of the past, some of which we were involved with in days of yore. I shall return on Saturday.
Everyone have a pleasant weekend.
Anonymous said…
nemesis USA

this guy carries a punch
Anonymous said…
Tomorrow being ANZAC day
all the old soldiers will tell tales of glory

fact with a lotta fiction thrown in
Anonymous said…
we human beings tell about 5 fibs (could be more) every single day, even without realising it. Yes, I read it in a research article about Lies and that theory somehow sounded very familiar

VEST is the exception
he tells the truth about twice a week
Anonymous said…
*Anonymous assholes
- Internet is a Jerks' paradise I tell ya.

It gives any whackjob all the freedom in the world to train their Dickheadism to the max, without getting whacked where it hurts the most.

As much as I have been subjected to such embryonically-deprived assholes, it has made me totally immune to such crap, which is great btw.

Anonymous immunisation I tell ya!
Anonymous said…
if u have many blogger friends in many countries

u have great power
as I recently showed to Vest and others
Vest said…
People who comment here anonymously in an offensive manner will receive short thrift.

Four comments have been rejected from this post.

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