Post No 350.This reminds me of the song,"Seven Old Ladies Locked in a Lavatory"

Boyfriend Charged In Woman-On-Toilet Case
NESS CITY, Kansas (AP)4 hours ago.

A man whose girlfriend authorities say spent nearly two years in a bathroom in their house, sitting on the toilet so long that the seat adhered to her body, has been charged with mistreatment of a dependent adult.
Kory McFarren, 37, was charged Monday in Ness County District Court.
McFarren called the Ness County Sheriff's Office in late February to say something was wrong with his girlfriend. When authorities arrived at the home, they found Pam Babcock, 35, stuck to the toilet, which they think she had sat on for about a month.
McFarren told authorities that Babcock feared leaving the bathroom and may not have left it in two years, although said he was unsure how long she was in there. He said that he took her food and water daily, and that he repeatedly asked her to come out but that she usually replied "maybe tomorrow."
"The only thing I am guilty of is I didn't get her help sooner," McFarren told The Associated Press nearly a week ago.
Ness County Attorney Craig Crosswhite said the mistreatment charge most closely fit the situation.
"I looked at the statutes and spoke to the attorney general's office," he said. "This was a very unusual set of circumstances, and this is the law that most closely applied to the situation."
Authorities said Babcock sat on the toilet so long that open sores developed and caused her to become attached to the seat. Sheriff Bryan Whipple has said that he used a pry bar to remove the seat from the toilet, and that the woman was taken to the hospital with the seat still attached.
"She would have to be sleeping on the toilet," Whipple said.
Doctors at a Wichita, Kansas, hospital where Babcock was taken told McFarren that an infection in her legs had damaged her nerves and could leave her in a wheelchair. She was still at the hospital Wednesday night.
McFarren's first court appearance will be in April, Crosswhite said.

Readers: Google (Song, 'Seven old ladies locked in a lavatory') There you will find several differing renditions of this classic fun song, not to be taken too seriously.

The songs chorus are sung to the ageless tune "Oh dear what can the matter be." preceded by little ditties such as this.

The first old lady was Elisabeth Wicker
Who merely went in to fasten her knickers
She thought she was quick
But the Vicar was quicker
But nobody knew she was there

Followed by
Oh dear what can the matter be
seven old ladies locked in the lavatory
They were there from Sunday to Saturday -nobody knew they were there.

then another ditty follows.

So many variables to this song if you are easily amused.

Have an enjoyable weekend, Vest.


Vest said…
Please send in your own version of the song, must be lots of dunny poets out ready to give it a go.
BTW no Shakespeare stuff- already done that.yuk.
Anonymous said…
Kinda makes me glad of mobile phones ... who you gonna call ... dunnybusters!
Anonymous said…
ah vestie an oldie song, as young lads we would sing stuff like this when closed up at action/stations locked in the magazine.
Here's one I remember.

Another old lady was dear Mrs Humphrey who just popped in to make herslf comfy,
She tried to leave but couldn't
Get her Bum free.
And nobody knew she was there.........and so on.
Anonymous said…
Post No 350 ?

i m nearing 1000
Vest said…
Four callers have had their comment rejected? I suggest they ask themselves why.

Anon: In 154 weeks 350 posts@2.30 perweek. 211 this year. @4 per week.
My good Quality versus the probability of your poor Quantity.

A 78 year old bloke in the club tonight pissed ouy of his brain, and a disheveled state looked like methuselah, I asked what have you been up to you silly old sausage. Whereupon I received a stinging rebuke from several people suggesting I should show more respect toward my elders. "Thank you" I replied "You have made my day."
I'm off to bed now, see you all tomorrow; hopefully.
PS no spell check, sorry
Anonymous said…
Keshi does one post per day
one post per night

besides replying to 100 comments each time

how does keshi do it?
Vest said…
Previous anonymous: Ref "How does Keshi do it"?
(1) Why dont you ask her?
(2) It's none of your business.
(3) Why, are you jealous?
(4) It is possible that Keshi is using the cheap skate labour facilities you and your cronies provide, meaning out sourcing to a Sub Continent call centre, then again I could be wrong and that Keshi is a hard working person who puts more time and care into her replies to her callers, unlike youself and others who gripe about the lack of callers.
BTW, (JIM) stop persecuting Keshi , Please.
Anonymous said…
Should women be locked in bathrooms or closets until required for breeding. could this be going beyond sharia law.

The world's biggest LIE.

Ladies and gentlemen, protect yourselves. Do not believe the filth that is spread by playwrights and pop musicians and other purveyors of popular romantic culture. The love they sell is an ideal. It is an instance of a "should", the dirtiest lie ever propagated in the history of the human race. Do not let yourselves fall into this trap.

The love you feel is just that and nothing more. A feeling. Whatever scientific or religious or spiritual explanation you choose to give, love is not a cosmic bond, but a personal disposition. It is the willingness of one person to accept another unconditionally for who they are. It is wonderful when shared. It is noble when given freely. But that is all. The love they speak of in songs and stories, serves no purpose but to make hosts of foolish young romantics more miserable than any earthly torture. It serves only to breed hope, expectation and need, three things more dangerous and hurtful than any of the more popularly known of love's side effects (such as greed and jealousy).

Thank you for your time.

P.S. My cynical attitude is most certainly NOT the result of my recent, long, drawn out and painful series of romantic misunderstandings and mishaps. I would *never* let my research become biased by personal feelings.

P.P.S. You would also do well to remember: "There are more pretty girls than one."

P.P.P.S. While I'm on a rant, please note the following facts that I have uncovered during my years in the field:

1) Women are insane.
2) Women don't know what they want, and when they find what they want, they want something different.
3) Women love violent, misogynistic assholes and hate all good, smart, respectful men. Even the good, smart, respectable women. Especially the good, smart, respectable women.

P.P.P.P.S. Not that the preceding may very well be true of men, but I have not, so far, been able to confirm this. However, if my research on this matter continues as it has been, I may decide to pursue that question in more detail.

P.P.P.P.P.S. In the immortal words of the wise and noble F.Z., "Broken hearts are for assholes".
Anonymous said…
following facts that I have uncovered during my years in the field:

1) Women are insane.
TRUE illogical rather

2) Women don't know what they want, and when they find what they want, they want something different.
TRUE inconsistent

3) Women love violent, misogynistic assholes and hate all good, smart, respectful men.
an evil man is far more attractive
they dont want WUSSIES

I am not persecuting Keshi u ass
I love her
Vest said…
(Anonymous Jim)Next time you choose to refer to me as an ass your comment will be rejected, your choice pal.
Apoligising to Keshi for the particular reason of your expulsion from her favours may help heal the rift.
You Jim are putting me in the light of an agony aunt trying to resolve your misdemeanours.
Keshi said…
LOL very funny song Vesty!

Vest said…
Well anon Jim: that was a waste of time on your part, another two rejects.
Anonymous said…
HAPPY EASTER Vest Rosemary
Anonymous said…
Scarlette’s mother goes into hiding fearing for life

Panaji: Almost winding up her fight against the flourishing drug trade in the coastal State, Fiona Mackeown, mother of slain British girl Scarlette Eden Keeling, has moved to an undisclosed destination in South Goa fearing for her life, allegedly from the drug mafia.

“There is no point in continuing the fight if the State police are not interested in cooperating. The men in uniform are busy levelling allegations against me rather than probing what I say,” Fiona told PTI from a beach village in South Goa.

Ms. Fiona, who was in the media glare for almost a month, shifted to South Goa, on Friday and denied to reveal her address publicly.

“In case, I end up being a victim, I know it would not bring back my daughter to life but it would have saved generations of Goans who are getting trapped in the drug trade,” she said.

Facing wrath

The 43-year-old mother is already facing wrath for alleging State Home Minister Ravi Naik’s involvement in the drug trade.

The U.K. national, who is fighting a battle to expose the drug mafia and for justice to her daughter Scarlett, who was drugged, raped and left to die on Goa’s popular Anjuna beach, says that she would prefer to stay back peacefully in the U.K. as no one in Goa has come forward to provide support to her cause.

“The state government has categorically stated that they will not allow me to enter India again. I have to fly back with the coffin as I have to give a decent burial to my daughter. How I am supposed to continue the fight,” she asked.

She said that people in the drug mafia may not have sent a direct threat to her but there is talk on the beaches that the trade has come to a halt because of her. “People say that if I had to walk out accepting Scarlett’s death as due to drowning then their business would not have suffered as it is now,” she said.

“I cannot give you direct evidence of drug mafia threatening me as they have not gone on television to say that. But these talks are enough indication of their ire towards me,” she said. — PTI

Jim said…
if I was Scarletts mom
I wud not let GOA and GOANS forget

I wud bury my daughter on the beach at GOA and build a monument to Scarlett

the grave stone wud read
and there wud be a pic of Scarlett

she is beautiful
Anonymous said…
Scarlett 'was held under water'

Scarlett's mother has criticised police handling of the case
British teenager Scarlett Keeling was killed after her head was held under water, a pathologist's report into her death in Goa is expected to say.
The report from Goa Medical College is expected to rule out the possibility that the 15-year-old died from a drugs overdose.

It is expected to say she died from asphyxiation under water, after being held down for five to ten minutes.

Her mother said she was "shocked but not surprised".

Fiona MacKeown, from Bideford in Devon, has criticised the police handling of the case, as they initially reported Scarlett had accidentally drowned.

Following further investigations they said she was drugged and raped before being left for dead on a beach in the Indian resort.

Lawyer Vikram Varma, who is expecting to see the report on Sunday, said of the latest findings: "That would make it forced homicide, which is murder.

"It is what we've been saying all along and what the police have been trying to cover up."

Ms MacKeown, said: "I looked at her body and the bruising on her head and face and shoulder is consistent with this. She struggled, she kicked, she tried to stay alive.

"I'm just horrified that the police are still covering up my daughter's death. Who are they covering for? It must be someone very important."

Two men have been arrested over the death of Scarlett, who was found semi-naked on Anjuna beach on 19 February.

Samson D'Souza, 28, has been charged with rape and Placido Carvalho is being questioned on suspicion of involvement in her rape and murder.

Scarlett had been left at the resort with a friend while the rest of the family travelled further afield.

Ms MacKeown has faced allegations she neglected her daughter.

She was on a six-month holiday with her boyfriend, Scarlett and six other younger children.

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