Man held over Goa rape of teenager. S DaSouza prime suspect

10 March 2008

Man held over Goa rape of teenager. S DaSouza prime suspect
Man held over Goa rape of teenager.A 28-year-old man has been arrested by police in India in connection with the rape of Scarlett Keeling.Scarlett Keeling lived her with her mother and siblings in a smallholding in DevonSamson Da'Souza was detained after witnesses came forward alleging they saw him raping the 15-year-old from Devon on the beach at the resort of Anjuna in Goa on February 18.Inspector Kishan Kumar from Goa Police said: "This man was seen with the girl near to where her dead body was found. It was evidently clear this man was raping her."We have sufficient evidence to show this man was having sex with the girl in the early hours of February 18. We have established that he was raping her."Under the Indian legal system, Mr Da'Souza will have to appear in court in connection with the case within 24 hours and will make an appearance at a magistrates court in Mapusa on Monday.advertisementThe arrest came after a second post-mortem examination carried out on Miss Keeling's body after pressure from her mother Fiona MacKeown.Miss MacKeown, from Bideford, has spent the weeks since her death demanding an investigation and claiming that her daughter, who had 50 marks on her body, was murdered.Initially Indian police said the death was an accidental drowning but have now launched a murder investigation because the second post-mortem results showed she had been attacked.The results also found she did not have enough water in her lungs to have drowned. Other reports have said that three men are being questioned as part of the investigation. Police official Bosko George said the men were detained but have not been arrested or charged with any crime.Miss MacKeown was on a six-month holiday with her boyfriend, Miss Keeling and six other children in India when her daughter was attacked.The rest of the family were travelling in a nearby state and Miss Keeling had stayed with a tour guide in Anjuna when she was last seen at a bar in the resort.Miss MacKeown managed to find clothing from her daughter on the beach and had also taken witness statements in an attempt to find out what happened."It was our main objective to get the police or somebody to admit that she'd been murdered as I knew in my heart that she had been," Miss MacKeown said.Goa is popular with Western tourists but in the last few years there have been problems with tourists dying from drug overdoses and women especially being attacked and sexually assaulted.According to the Times Of India, 126 foreign people have died in Goa over the last two years and in January this year a 30-year-old British woman was raped.


Anonymous said…
its not as bad as it looks
Goa depends on tourism

The tourist is well looked after by the native population and the authorities

Dont fear VEST
come to GOA
be my guest
Vest said…
Anon,J,Or S: You are right, not funny but factual, so like it or lump it, mate.
Anonymous said…
Goa is a safe haven for the western tourist

no terrorist attacks
no riots

u will find all nationalities in Goa

including Israelis
Anonymous said…
my poor cousins in Goa all make a living on the tourist

and me too
I am a tourist guide

Dont do dis VEST
Anonymous said…
Goa is a package- tour paradise, squeezed between the seas and the lush forested hills. It offers glistening sands, swaying coconut palms, and ultra fresh seafood.

Luxury hotels and budget guesthouses overlook fisherman mending their nets, and beer comes cheap and chilled.

Discovered by pioneering hippies looking for peace and love. Goa’s beaches are now filled with persistent hawkers during the day and rave parties at night.

For those intent on discovering the real India, Goa is the best treated as a relaxing break on the southern trail. Lavishly gifted by nature, Goa can also boast of its rich cultural and historical heritage.

It is hardly surprising that the Portuguese who came in search of spices in 16th century decided to put down roots in this tropical paradise.

Goa’s natural boundaries, the Arabian Sea and the Sahyadri mountains, had sheltered it from much of India’s inland turmoil, while its strategic location on the newly discovered trade route to the East made it even more attractive.

Tucked away snugly between the hills of the Western Ghats on the East, Arabian Sea to the West, Maharashtra’s coastline to the North, and Karnataka’s coastline to the South, this tiny territory covers 1350sq miles (3500 sq km).

It provides spectacular views with bottle green hills wooded with jackfruit, mango, and cashew groves, cut across by river and edged by miles of sun-drenched beaches. Warm, languid climates, and a gentle unspoilt people, complete this compelling kaleidoscope.

While the rest of the country progressed towards the independence and the 20th century, Goa remained a Portuguese colony, since 4 1\2 centuries of Portuguese rule has left its imprints everywhere.

Stop at a small taverna (bar) for a drink of feni - a locally brewed drink made from cashew or coconut, listen to the sounds of a mando (love song) and the strains of a guitar mingling with the sensuous lapping of the waves, or the warm golden sands of lonely, idyllic beaches.

There is a Mediterranean atmosphere in the quaint towns with their red-tiled roofs & narrow streets and the charming fishing villages surrounded by coconut groves.

It is easy to slip into Goa’s warm effortless existence. In Goa, Latin influence fuses with Indian color to produce an enchanting hybrid.

Goa’s traditions of language, religion, dances have remained firmly entrenched despite the end of Portuguese rule in 1961. Goans may be Indian, but they are Goan first

It is easy to slip into Goa’s warm effortless existence. In Goa, Latin influence fuses with Indian color to produce an enchanting hybrid. Goa’s traditions of language, religion, dances have remained firmly entrenched despite the end of Portuguese rule in 1961. Goans may be Indian, but they are Goan first.

History of Goa

Culture of Goa

Music and Dance of Goa

Food of Goa

Fairs & Festivals of Goa

Goa Wildlife

Monuments in Goa

Travel Services in Goa
Keshi said…
I knew Goa was full of WANKERS.

Keshi said…
I knew Goa was full of WANKERS.

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
u r not welcome if u dont bring RM along
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Does AGE count???

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Anonymous said…
I come from a family where both my mum and dad are of the highest castes (not that I give importance to it) in their respective ancestral backgrounds, but I really hate it when people mention 'caste''s an insult to themselves really.
Anonymous said…
the press is still giving space to this episode about the rape and murder of the british teen

Now the press is saying the mother is to blame
Anonymous said…
What a shame the witness to her dilemma did not intervene and help her. She might still be alive. Such a waste of life with indifferent bystanders ... such cowards.
Vest said…
Aggie: Once again you provide the most sensible comment.
BTW, one good reason I saw for doing this post, is that an 'S DaSouza' is a frequent caller here, oddly enough he lives in the same area where the crime took place, thought I would stir the can.x.

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