Ex Australian Naval Officer shows total contempt for the Captain of his ship when a junior rating in WW2. Also a letter to Alaistair Templeman.

Lucky lad: It is a pity this sailor was not around in 1800, for a reward of 100 lashes and keel hauling.
I quote as a British Royal Naval person serving from 7:1:1942 to 16:7:1966 in relation to my opinion of the said ex Royal Australian Navy Lt now retired, who was a former crew member of the ill fated 6" Gun Light Cruiser H M A S Sydney, prior to its sinking.
It is sad about the crew of the H M A S Sydney, but I too am certain if anything could have been done to correct the response to the German Armed Merchant vessel Kormoran it would have been done, it is so easy to be wise after the event, you win some lose some, IE Bismark sinks Hood Brits sink Bismark. There are a host of sea battles which take a lot of interpreting, sadly most of the contestants don't hang around long enough to tell the true tales of the conflict.
With all due respect to the families and friends of the deceased sailors of the H M A S Sydney. may you find comfort now that your Loved ones have been found.

Now for something I found totally distasteful in today's Daily Telegraph(delivered to my door daily).
The comments made by a Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant (Retired) Aged 86 the person afore mentioned, Alaistair Templeton. His condemnation of his former Captain (Commanding Officer), who was far more qualified to perform his duties without question than a nineteen year old signalman named Templeman, who is now submitting his own theories on why the HMAS Sydney was sunk in battle with the Kormoran. And if the truth be told; this aged Buffoon with an enormous chip on his shoulder, has put together all of his suppositions from yarns that were told by the distressed crew of the Kormoran who were unlikely to be able to think clearly while traumatised by the events that took place. in fact most of the accounts from the Germans would have favoured the propaganda machine of the Third Reich.
We occasionally come across silly old fools like ex Lt Alaistair Templeman who take delight in prefabricating or embellishing their favourite silly stories to newspapers in order to supplement their pitiful pension, but in order to do so this silly old Buffoon digs into the worst scenarios to expose a possible culprit, in order to achieve impact he embarks on a crusade to spitefully belittle his senior officer (His Captain) An English person. Now the bigotry and hatred emerges, he has an aversion to poms (85% of Australians have Brit ancestry) so we must assume Alaistair must have obscure descendants, and it is the reason for his blame pushing.
Alaistairs statement in the press confirms his vitriolic bitterness to British officers; when he quoted that, "All British officers in his opinion had a flippant attitude and were unreliable"
He goes on to quote that, the fate of the Brit Battleships HMS Repulse and HMS Prince of Wales in which action I lost two relatives and many friends, was due to the lax attitude of the ships commanding officers in not having adequate air support to confront the enemy(The Jap Air force) in those days in 1942 the Japs used conventional methods of attack, unlike the divine wind bastards we had to put up with later. Well Al you silly old Buffoon if the air support was available and it wasn't, it would have been provided.
Alaistair you don't come across as a typical gentleman naval officer, maybe you were a non Dartmouth educated jumped up lower deck version, a special duties officer (SD) or meaning scrub deck officer, which seems the only thing you are capable of.
You can only be described as a vitriolic old fool.
Go, Boil your head.


Jim said…
We occasionally come across silly old fools like ex Lt Alaistair Templeman who take delight in prefabricating or embellishing their favourite silly stories to newspapers in order to supplement their pitiful pension, but in order to do so this silly old Buffoon digs into the worst scenarios to expose a possible culprit, in order to achieve impact he embarks on a crusade to spitefully belittle his senior officer (His Captain) An English person.

is it British vs Aussie?
did he write a book?

the Aussies were rowdy
true, they lacked military discipline

the best warriors are the Gorkha regiment developed by the British in india

these guys didnt ask questions
they just obeyed orders

they wud sacrifice their life for their commanding officer

even if he bungled
they covered up for him
as a matter of honor
Anonymous said…
As you say "everyone is wise after the fact" ... I like the "go boil your head" ... that's the way!
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
I bet that silly old prick has a gold card. bert, Brit Pac Fleet.
Anonymous said…
I am proud of you vesty that you gave that bloke a bollocking without using the F word
Anonymous said…
Yep mate your "go boil your head"is a good departing shot, sounds you might be as old as the other guy? Kirk.USA.
Anonymous said…

Gurkhas are mounting a bid to stay in Britain

Thousands of retired Gurkha soldiers are to gather outside Parliament to campaign for justice and fair treatment.

In a symbolic gesture of protest, 50 pensioners will hand back their precious Long Service and Good Conduct medals to the Government.

Gurkhas - soldiers from Nepal - have been part of the British Army for almost 200 years.

Despite a number of recent Government announcements thousands of retired Gurkhas are still suffering great injustice, organisers said.

Currently only those that retired after 1997 have the right to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the country.

Gurkhas who retired before 1997 do not have the right to settle in the UK even though many of them have served more than 25 years in the British Army and many have seen active combat.

Pension rights for years of service before 1997 are also dramatically lower than for service after that time.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg will speak at the protest in Parliament Square to demand increased rights for Gurkhas.

Mr Clegg will call for an end to the forced deportation of retired Gurkhas and ask the Government to grant them the right to live in the UK, regardless of the date they retired.

The protest comes a day after Liberal Democrat defence spokesman Lord Lee of Trafford launched a backbench bid in the Lords to make it easier for retired Gurkha soldiers to settle in t

Anonymous said…

John Hewer
THE man who played the very first Captain Birds Eye has died at the age of 86.

John Hewer, who starred in the original fish finger adverts from 1967 up until 1998 passed away on Sunday.

He had been living at Brinsworth House in Middlesex, an actors' retirement home.

Captain Birds Eye was actually killed off in 1971, which prompted an obituary to be written in a national newspaper for the character, before they changed their minds and he returned to our screens three years later.

Was that be whiskered 86 year old salt A K A, Lt Alasrair Templton, the nemesis of British Naval Officers? Mike.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
That Alastair Templton bloke,know him well, bit of a bullshitter if you ask me, wouldn't like him in charge of me or anyone come to that. Bernie.WA.
Vest said…
Someone has been sticking pins into my voodoo effigy, particularly my head, I am having a rough trot with the headaches after my accident five weeks ago. So, I shall be having a brain scan at 3:30:pm today; to determine whether it is the whiskey or some other sinister maleficence creating the problem within my noddle.
Oh well, must look on the bright side, I shall return soon to reply to your comments.
Have a lovely day.
Jim said…
Today is Maundy Thursday
Jesus washed the feet of his disciples
Had his Last Supper

not a nice day to have a brain scan
but dont worry Vest

we will be praying for u
do u hate anybody real bad?

Jesus said dont hate
Love one another as I have loved u

just as I love u and RM
and Keshi
Keshi said…
hv a great long wknd Vesty! :)

tqmcintl said…
sure hope He had his supper
before washing the feet

those guys went barefoot in the slums
Vest said…
Thanks Aggie,Jim,Albert,Wally and Larry for your comments.

Kirk: No I am not that old.

L D L: Could be, same age.

Bernie: Commiserations having met that asshole.

Jim: Thanks for the prayers. It seems that it is one thing you are good at, Are you sure you are Not the Arch bishop-Cardinal of Bombay.
I always have a belly laugh when the name Cardinal Sinn of the Phillipines pops up.

Keshi: You too have a long loving weekend, X.

I always remember my navy days away from home when ashore.
I would go home for an extended weekend and return to the ship with a short weakend.
Long gone! the halcyon days of my youth.
Nice weekend to everyone.
tqmcintl said…
I have heard of venial sin
mortal sin

but Cardinal sin?
what did he do?
tqmcintl said…
and return to the ship with a short weakend ???
tqmcintl said…
hv a great long wknd

u cud hve shortened that even further

hv a great long wknd vsty

I understand its hard being Keshi
she has to visit a 100 bloggers every day
tqmcintl said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
This comment has been censored.

tqmcintl said...
At 3:30 PM, he has his brain scanned

(censored; by vest) F^*# ME
he has a brain

Friday, 21 March 2008 02:50:00 AM EST
Vest said…
tqncinti: Your ? Ref, Cardinal sin.
I am surprised that your vast knowledge of the Christian Fables failed you for once.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 June, 2005, 06:02 GMT 07:02 UK

Philippines' Cardinal Sin is dead

Cardinal Sin twice helped topple corrupt presidents
Cardinal Jaime Sin, the influential former leader of the Philippines' large Roman Catholic community, is dead, Church officials have announced.
Cardinal Sin played a key role in the Philippines' transition to democracy following the lengthy dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

He had a history of illness, having suffered from a reported heart attack last year, and was aged 76.

He retired in 2003 after nearly 30 years heading the Manila Archdiocese.

That period saw him playing key roles in the toppling of both Ferdinand Marcos in 1986 and Joseph Estrada in 2001.


Born 31 August 1928, the 14th of 16 children, to a Chinese father
Ordained in 1954, he became a cardinal at the age of 47
Democrat politically, conservative religiously

Cardinal Sin obituary
Life in pictures
Send us your tributes

The cardinal never made any secret about his view that religion had a role in affairs of state.

"My duty is to put Christ in politics," he said at his retirement ceremony. "Politics without Christ is the greatest scourge of our nation."

He was once called "the divine commander-in-chief" by former President Fidel Ramos for his ability to marshal huge protests.

Current President Gloria Arroyo described him as "a blessed man who never failed to unite Filipinos during the most crucial battles against tyranny and evil".

"Cardinal Sin leaves a legacy of freedom and justice forged in deep personal courage," she said in a statement.

'Political duty'

Cardinal Sin was taken to Manila's Cardinal Santos Medical Centre with a high fever on Sunday evening and suffered multiple organ failure, said his spokesman, Father Jun Sescon.

We got rid of Ali Baba but the 40 thieves remained

Cardinal Sin, on Marcos era corruption

He died there at 0615 on Tuesday (2215 GMT Monday).

Speaking on Philippine radio station DZBB, Fr Sescon called on people in Asia's largest Catholic country to "include in their prayers the soul of Cardinal Sin".

His successor as archbishop, Gaudencio Rosales, presided over a wake at Manila cathedral and led a packed congregation in prayer.

Church officials are consulting with the late cardinal's family about funeral arrangements.

Cardinal Sin espoused a conservative vision of Catholicism, and after the election of the new pope in April he described Benedict XVI as a "bright and good man, and a good friend".

Known for his ready wit, he once said of the corruption which persisted after Ferdinand Marcos was ousted:

"We got rid of Ali Baba but the 40 thieves remained."

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