Saby Dasouza's Grand father DIOGO LEWIS FERNANDES is 100 Years Old Today July 14 - 07.

VIA E mail to Thank you. He deserves recognition, as he really must have been good to get to the ripe old age of 100 years.


Anonymous said…
He sure is good
and strong

the sonovabitch made a pass for my wife just 3 months ago

he outlived 2 wives
and he is looking for a third
Anonymous said…
he is not my grandfather

he is my sis in law's dad
Anonymous said…
niki yokota said...
Happy Birthday Vest-chan!!
cuckoo is celebrating birthday too :)

10:20 AM
Anonymous said…
Hello Sailor"
Greeting Card by Jean Skipper

"Hello Sailor!" our heroine exclaims.
A departure from the usual inspirational pieces,
I was in need of a touch of whimsy when I
happened to find this irresistible image of a

May the Zeppelin drop a load of birthday wishes
on you, and I hope you have a ton of fun in
the process.

I hope that you enjoy/d your special day.
Anonymous said…
And because of your devotion to your sailor boy, your enjoyment Rose
should be no less ...
(that's no less, NOT no Les)
A happy birthday to your beloved husband, and my dear friend Les.
This image is also sent as an attachment (*.jpg) file which you may print.


Anonymous said…
Happy birthday old mate.Have one on me.
Still in freezing Melbourne, coming back to sunshine soon.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday vesty from all of our family Luvs ya lots xoxoxoxo
Anonymous said…
Congratulations and a very "Happy Birthday Vesty" I hear you are 81 today, Really thats old!!!...:)))))
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
CSwa0R write more, thanks.

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