Alive but - Useless old Grandmother sent to the Garbage Dump. Also 82 year old Baby found - Mummified.

ALIVE but - Useless old Grandmother sent to the Garbage Dump.
MUMBAI (BOMBAY) INDIA: A sick 75 year old Indian grandmother thrown into the garbage by her relatives has died.
Chinnammel Palaniappan was rescued from the garbage dump in Erode town,400Km from Chennnai(Lahore)capital of southern Tamil Nadu state last week.
Police said she told her rescuers that, she had been taken from her home after her daughter had told her grandsons to dump her far away, so that she could not find her way back.
Before she died she told rescuers she woke up and found herself amongst a heap of rotting garbage.

OTTAWA: A Canadian man has found the remains of an infant Wrapped in news print dated September 12 1925 and stashed in the walls of an old house now under renovation.
You always hope to find something in walls - coins - antiques but never a baby, renovator Bob Kinghorn said.
He was about to drill a hole through a ceiling joist when he found a bundle of newspaper he first believed was Insulation. Inside was the infant believed to be four months of age.

HAVE You ever moved into an old house and never explored the closed Attic or Roof Cavity or even a bricked up fireplace. Get to it, you never know what treasures or horrors you may find, or if you have already done this I would love to hear of any bizarre discoveries or strange happenings you may have encountered.
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Aged Eskimos were put out of their dwellings to freeze to death when they became a burden on the family. I dun think its done anymore
Jim said…
INDIA is a young nation
the elderly who are non productive are put to graze

INDIA is not a rich nation
we have starving children and old folks too

i wud rather rehabilate the child
the old man has lived his life
its time for him to go

its a matter of allocation of resources

Anonymous said…
u have become active all of a sudden

i see your footsteps all over the blogosphere

its OK wuth me if u flirt with Andrew
but stay away from my girls
particularly the japonese lady
Vest said…
Anonymous Jim or Saby: The particular ladies you refer to I must remind you they called here in the first instance, and the one you seem to be enamoured to does not seem too bright.
BTW when did you start riding side saddle?.
Anonymous said…
if your girl visits me
does that give me the right?

it seems rong to me
i dunno about u and your morals
Anonymous said…
Ashes has left a new comment on your post "Time Will Carry On":

vest--who the fuck are you anyways?
Anonymous said…

its about Dr Haneef
READ it asshole
Vest said…
Anon (1) I don't have any regrets about any so called immorality (bonking out of wedlock), it ceased over a half century ago in 53 when wed. How about cleansing your own stinking morals.

Anon (2)Hells bells, who the blazes is 'Ashes' I might ask? I have not written a post 'Time will carry on', dummy.
Your question "who the f^#*^ are you", answer is; "Read my profile you goose". And may I ask "Are all sub/cont dwellers named anonymous?".

Anon(3) Thanks for your message.
At present there are no assholes at this address, nor has there been to my knowledge, however, should one turn up I'll pass on the message.
BTW." Who is 'Doc Haneef-Readit Asshole' a friend of yours perhaps?"
Anonymous said…

i came by for a sniff
VEST is all horn for u

i dont think his marriage of 52 years will last much longer
Vest said…
Anony (4) Although a slice of you cant bend it is now running at about 52 times per annum; which I am informed is staggeringly high for an Octoman, my memories of a more broader activity within the marital processes gives me a sense of fulfilment, although as a mere male my mind is as fertile as ever it was; despite being on a diet I have the faculties to savour that which is on the Menu. Of course not meaning those second hand well lubed and well travelled ladies of the street that you seem to play around with.
Anonymous said…
Hello Vest! Coincidentally, I am about to have someone go up into my attic space! Maybe there's pirate treasure...eyy matey ;)
Anonymous said…
Dr Mohamed Haneef, who returned home to pandemonium in India today after a terrorism-related charge against him was dropped, says he was "victimised" by the Australian authorities.

And Dr Haneef's wife and lawyers lashed out at Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews for his "shocking" remark that the former Gold Coast doctor's rapid departure from Australia heightened suspicions about him.

Dr Haneef spent more than three weeks in detention in Australia on one count of "reckless" support for a terrorist group, but the charge was dropped on Friday and he was released.
Anonymous said…
Lolly visited me again
inquiring about u
Anonymous said…
saby wrote @ July 29th, 2007 at 8:48 pm

i came by for a sniff
VEST has gone crazy for u

i dont think his marriage of 52 years will last much longer

Lolly wrote @ July 29th, 2007 at 11:16 pm
Awww, thank YOU, Saby. I think VEST is a cookie himself! But his wife need not worry. I’m really harmless. FUN, but harmless. Promise! xxx

Your comment
Anonymous said…
PM won't apologise to Dr Haneef
July 30, 2007 - 12:04P

Prime Minister John Howard has ruled out apologising to Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef, jailed for almost four weeks as part of a bungled terrorism investigation.

Dr Haneef was reunited with his wife and newborn baby in his home town of Bangalore on Monday morning, three days after a charge of supporting a terrorist organisation was dropped due to lack of evidence.

The 27-year-old Muslim, whose work visa was cancelled on character grounds, said he had been victimised by Australian authorities and the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

His lawyer Peter Russo said the government owed Dr Haneef an apology, and signalled possible legal action over damage to his client's reputation.

"He is not expecting one (an apology) but I guess if the people who are in line for being sued want to mitigate their losses they might want to think about apologies," Mr Russo told ABC Radio.

But Mr Howard said mistakes happened from time to time and when dealing with terrorism, it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Australia will not be apologising to Dr Haneef," Mr Howard told reporters in Sydney.

"Dr Haneef was not victimised and Australia's international reputation has not been harmed by this 'mis-start' to its new anti-terrorism laws."

Mr Howard said he supported the AFP and Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, who revoked Dr Haneef's visa earlier this month, just hours after a Brisbane court had granted him bail.

Despite the collapse of the case, Mr Andrews has refused to reinstate the visa unless the Indian national's lawyers successfully appeal against the decision in the Federal Court.

In a paid interview for the Nine Network's 60 Minutes, Dr Haneef said he was never a risk to Australia and would have dobbed in his relatives had he known they were plotting attacks in the UK.

But Mr Andrews was unmoved.

"Nothing that I saw in the interview with Dr Haneef changed my mind as to the suspicions and doubts that I have about the matter," he told ABC Radio.

Mr Andrews is seeking advice as to whether he can publicly reveal the extra information which he says led him to cancel Dr Haneef's visa, so "people can see the circumstances in which the decision was made".

Mr Andrews told reporters in Hobart that he was waiting on written advice from the solicitor-general before he could reveal his reasons.

"He gave oral advice to me on Saturday to the effect that the decision was open to take under the legislation and open to take under the material and indeed he came to the conclusion that in his professional opinion the current appeal in the Federal Court would fail," Mr Andrews said.

Mr Andrews defended his decision not to release the information earlier.

"The reality is that I've had one hand tied behind my back because this information was provided to me under the legislation by the federal police as protected information," Mr Andrews said.

"That means I wasn't at liberty to simply go out and say 'well hang on, what about these matters'.

"And second, I had to respect the fact that the police were saying to me that this is an ongoing investigation at the time and we don't want this released.

"Can I remind you that some of this information wasn't even provided at the bail hearing?"

Mr Andrews said he had applied the rule of law in revoking Dr Haneef's work visa, hours after a Brisbane court granted the doctor bail.

"The Migration Act has specific provisions relating to the character of people in Australia," Mr Andrews said.

"My decision to cancel his visa was based on the character grounds.

"My decision stands unless the federal court overrides it."

He ruled out any apology to Dr Haneef.

"There's nothing to apologise about because in my discretion, looking at the evidence that the AFP provided to me, he failed the character grounds."

Mr Russo said he had no idea what the information was.

"And I think he (Mr Andrews) has to be super-careful about releasing that, because if it's anything that's attached to the affidavit in relation to an immigration matter, it's not to be disclosed," Mr Russo said.

Queensland Premier Peter Beattie said if any inquiry into the case went ahead and found nothing to hold against Dr Haneef, he should be given a formal apology.

But Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the case showed that Australia's legal system worked well.

Mr Downer will speak to his Indian counterpart at the ASEAN Regional Forum in the Philippines this week.

"The fact that the charges against Dr Haneef were dropped by the Director of Public Prosecutions and Dr Haneef was allowed to return to India, I would have thought would be, pretty much, the beginning and the end of it," he told reporters at Sydney Airport.

Prominent lawyer Peter Faris QC said Dr Haneef should be compensated for the bungled investigation and charges.

"I think he's probably owed a lot of money - I would have thought we would have a very substantial claim arising out of a bungled investigation and the bungled charges against him," Mr Faris said.

Mr Howard said he still supports Mr Andrews.

"I notice that there have been some suggestions in the papers this morning that I'm in some way distancing myself from Mr Andrews - that is not true," Mr Howard said.
Keshi said…
OMG thats so sad!

Vest said…
lolly: Jim has been extolling your virtues of late, lucky you and Jim.
Jim also is distressed that you called on my blog and I judiciously replied on yours, is Jim green with envy? I can't see why.
Lolly treasure hunt? If the attic is part of your being, he ain't gonna find nuffink.

Anon, Jim, Saby: Dr M Haneef has become Persona non grata and despite all the airy fairy news stories producing a cocktail of gobbledy gook, in the end the people charged with dispensing the immigration laws to the letter. will have the last say in the matter full stop; for the reason of national security. I see no reason to pursue this topic further. Matters concerning Dr M Haneef are closed.

Ah Keshi: A welcome breath of fresh air, for you to say so little but mean so much.x.
Anonymous said…
"he ain't gonna'nuffink" to write a letter? Tattoo my ASS?


Love & Little Kisses, Mr Vest ;)
Anonymous said…
Sorry VEST
it was my bp acting up again
Vest, I have a Monday thing were I have "ask the ass" mondays. It has been requested that I do an interview with you. i wanted to see you were up to it?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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