Just Thinking, That's All.

JUST thinking. As my youngest son drove off to work a few minutes ago I realized he had reached the exact age that I was when I left the British Royal Navy on terminal leave; having completed 24 and a half years of service.
Like he is now so was I; one month from reaching forty years of age. However that was forty one years ago and since then my former employer has paid to me a quarter of my former salary equal to ($574,000) in todays terms, but I am fully aware that what I have received was in compensation for sticking my neck out for the benefit of the British public in general, and unfortunately for them being a infrequent survivor of the system, and to them a rarity.
In hindsight I would never allow this to happen, but being ill informed and impressionable, I allowed myself to be carried away by the euphoria of the conflict between nations at that time, surviving became all important to me and survive I did, although many others who may have had similar aspirations fell foul of the system.
Although much of my naval experiences were during non violent times, separation from family for long periods was painful and the wealth of experience gained from foreign travel hardly compensated for the feeling of home and family. So it all seems to me like a wager(A bet) 'Their Lords and Commissioners of the Admiralty; bet you don't make it all the way alive, and with your sanity', well lucky me!.
However, in reality, there is only one success and that is to be able to live your life in your own way and not give others absurd, maddening claims upon it. VEST.



Anonymous said…

fortunately for VEST he gott the hottz for u only after he almost completed his stint in the Royal Navy

else he wud have desereted the ship
Anonymous said…
theirs is not to think
theirs but to do and die

for the Queen and motherland
Jim said…
its 5 AM here
and no one to talk to

i have so many things to say
and no one to lissen to what i say

Thank God
for bloga and bloggers
Vest said…
Well Jim, I am working on the theory that 95% of bloggers are women and its now the time for school hols every where in the world, there is little chance the stay at home mums will have time to waste farting around with the computer, while they are doing what they should be doing, that is, looking after their children, at the moment we are baby sitting 11 and fourteen year old granddaughters, beautiful and well behaved I am pleased to say.

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