Well yank my doodle its a dandy

A bunch of unemployable bludgers and layabouts who do little else but whine about their woes, drug addiction, weight problems and the state of their god fearing dysfunctional inbred families.
This how I picture this intercommunicating cesspit of North American bloggers who consider any non American fair game for abuse.
In order to correct and create a level playing field for non American commenter's, I found myself dissected and most of my opinion rejected, obviously my reasoning was beyond their zero IQ comprehension.
One blog administrater has called for my extinction, and at this point in time is rallying this festering mob to use whatever devious methods they can concoct to bring about my demise.
Not a single person in this group has the intestinal fortitude to stand alone, to be honest I would rather have a snake as a friend than anyone from this sinister bunch of creeps, who are devoid of humour and the social graces.
So to my detractors I have this well used statement to offer you.
No one can be so calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Dim Witted Americans, who do not comprehend studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute. But today you can cop this lot for a change.


Vest said…
Here I will show a few comments extracted from the (tshsmom)blog
In sticksville Minnesota

2/25/2007 12:02 PM
tshsmom said...
he's To clever for me I'll have to go to australia and shoot this un american upstart. how dare he think he is superior us god f*^ng fearing Americans

2/25/2007 12:08 PM
greatwhitebear said...
Aw come on, post some personal info, like addresses. i know a couple of aussies who would gladly make his life miserable for a couple of Cooper's Lager

2/25/2007 2:59 PM
tshsmom said...
GWB, if he doesn't back off, I WILL be posting his address and phone number, among other things. Tell your friends that I'll buy the beer!

2/25/2007 4:12 PM
tshsmom said...
Tweets and Euro, he's posting personal info on his blog!

tshsmom said...
DON'T fuck with me VEST, or I will be forced to post in-depth personal information on you!!Er, Er to YOU,
Vest said…
In reply Poor retarded tshs is to be pittied More than forgiven for Obscenities.

Gay activist Great White Bear, in reality is a pathetic inbred kentucky hillbilly, weighs in at 75lbs and is four feet tall.

GWB? Hi wanker, you may be able to knock someone of for the price of a beer in slobville kentucky, but here in Strayer mate is costs a slab.
Anonymous said…
Once more we hear from vest at his best, and as I have said before, It is all too rare today to hear the clear clean ring of an original insult, Ah such brilliance.L D L.
Anonymous said…
Um... you're the one who started the 'abuse.' You complain of Americans who hate non-Americans, but it seems to me you're full of hatred towards anyone non-British and non-Australian.
Vest said…
A few more excerpts from the-TSHSMOM blog, I am convinced that she off her nut.

Monica said... I am beginning to like vest, he could be sexy.

2/25/2007 11:54 PM

Gardenia said...
checked this dude's blog - He seems to be a well adjusted person with a high IQ, maybe in our haste we have failed to recognise this while pushing the America is always right policy.

2/26/2007 12:57 PM
tshsmom said...
OK, "festering mob", what's our plan of attack? heehee

2/26/2007 1:46 PM
tweetey29 said...
Plan of attack. Lets see here. We could always start with posting his home address and all of us sending him letters. LOL..
I really dont know about that though. Lets see what everyone else has to say about it first. Tweets.

2/26/2007 2:44 PM

Vest said...
Read my blog you morons, 100s of visitors in the past 24 hours, plus a minor rush on book sales, perceived infamy is a vehicle to move sales. So keep the excitement going, stir the can, spread the word, enjoy.
Isn't it a shame the gentle and respectful ways of saying "To hell with you" have been abandoned, instead we now have a complete glossary of American abuse to contend with, any apology from tshsmom would only account for that which it doesnt alter, meaning her egotism the wrong side out.

2/26/2007 3:16 PM
Anonymous said…
Pure genius vesty. Any apology from those yanks would only serve as a foundation for a future offence.
Vest said…
WHY are most Americans a bunch of self centered assholes.
The whole of Sydney Australia is brought to a halt. Thousands of people are inconvenienced and incomes depleted. Why? Because of the nong head Vice president of the USA Dick (the prick) Cheney required security protection from terrorists, even the harbour bridge was closed.What utter bollocks.
Don't the Americans wonder why the Queen can walk about without the protection of agents with guns. the Fed Govt could have taken that asshole of a US vice president Prick Cheney to Canberra, Where it would not upset Australia.

Why would our nutter of a Prime minature Minister,John Shortass Howard not sympathise with an Australian citizen who has been kept in solitary confinement for over five years without charge By a Foreign (Fascist)power the United States of corruption America.
Our Australian laws state that a person is presumed innocent until found guilty.

Charge John Howard with war crimes, says judge.
FORMER Family Court chief justice Alastair Nicholson says the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Attorney-General could be charged with war crimes for insisting David Hicks face trial before a US military commission

FORMER Liberal national president John Valder today tipped John Howard could lose his seat of Bennelong.

AUSTRALIAN terror suspect David Hicks
Court: Hicks's team takes action against Ruddock, Downer

Gun laws
Woman bailed despite sawn-off shotguns
A LOOPHOLE in the state's gun laws has allowed a 20-year-old woman charged with possessing two sawn-off shotguns to be bailed.
Vest said…
With all this trouble caused by the three day visit of the USA Vice Presido Prick Cheney, one has to wonder whether it could have been handled differently.
The closing of the Sydney Harbour Bridge was a shameful display of arrogance over the ordinary citizens of this wonderful country, simply to accommodate a meaningless visit by a soon to be meaningless luminary in an attempt to support a waning Australian Prime Minister John Howard, whose blind support for The Asshole George W Bush has made Australia a bigger target for terrorism.
We should never allow the New World Order of USA Fascists to so shame the people of Australia as to permit this to happen again.
Anonymous said…
saby has attacked my blog and others. we're harrassing him back for doing it to us. we're having fun. join us if you like. thanks.
Vest said…
Pink Drama: Hi , thanks for calling, I have been over to your blog and commented on your recent post
Yes I am aware that Saby and his aliases can be disarming at times.

Have a lovely day.
Vest said…
anonymous; I never use the word hate, it sounds too permanent, dislike perhaps. BTW. Do you have a name, it sounds so cowardly to berate someone anonymously. however, get well soon. Vest.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
March 02, 2007 5:59 AM
Subject: living life backwards

Davo said...
Hi Vest,
Have just been reading your blog, and found the "Living life backwards" script in your comments.

Would like to pinch it for http://wombatswaffles.blogspot.com/ it's a hoot.

Sadie Lou said…
I'm probably putting myself in the line of fire here but I feel I must step in and say something--
Vest, I don't know everything that has transpired between you and tshsmom. I know that you used to frequent my blog and harass me so I know you're capable of stalking a blog just for sport.
Thank you for not doing that anymore. If you ever want to comment on my blog because you have something of worth or value to say--I would welcome your opinion. As far as i can remember, you were nasty to me and the guests on my blog so I was forced to moderate your comments.
I used to really enjoy what you had to say--you were a voice of reason and experience but then you just got crude.
I think things have gotten out of hand here. Just reading tshsmom's post about you and reading your post about her, it seems so childish and a giant waste of time.
I'd like to see you post on something useful. Why don't you just leave her alone and I'm sure she will leave you alone. I can't speak for her guests because I don't know them all. I do know Great White Bear and he's a very nice gentleman if you get to know him.
Don't be so quick to judge.
I'm sorry things have gotten ugly. Please try to take the higher ground here okay?
Again, feel free to comment on my blog if you want to speak your mind in a respectful, civil, ADULT way. Okay?
Anonymous said…
Vest, you certainly have plenty guts to tackle those group of female bloggers in the US and take all their shit slinging, I doubt if any of them have the ability to stand on their own two feet, not all of us are deadbeats, I for one, and would not get involved with that TSHSMOM mob of female hoods.
I would like to say your photo shows you are quite handsome, old but still a hunk. D M.
Vest said…
Sadie Lou,the best way to keep out of the line of fire is to stay at home be a nice christian lady and look after your brood of youngsters.
Sadie, It is better that you do not know what transpired between tshsmom and myself, her one way use of abuse and obscenities combined with her accusations relating to SABY and his many aliases being accredited to me and referring to me as a liar plus her sudden hatred of me due to my dislike of Guns generally, my modest retort in reply was met with more abuse and a rallying of her disciples closing ranks against me. So this gander gave that silly goose a bit more back than she was handing out, this had her choking on her cheroots and Rum&Coke, I then countered on each occasion the obscenities came in, without having to resort to obscene language, but mind you fairly strong.
Some comments arriving on your blog under odd names were not me, try some of saby's aliases.

Ah the G W Bear is the nice gentleman who suggested to tshsmom he had friend in Aus who would knock me off for the price of a beer, quite a charmer.
Thank you for the divine privilege of being permitted to comment on your site, on the other side of the coin my blog, old nick raises his ugly head occasionally; although I have little to do with him either.
Anyhow feel free to call here anytime, and thank you Sadie for your comment.
Anonymous said…
Hi vesty, is it Tim who is moving back?
Sadie lou I've been to her blogsite, couldn't say anything as I'm not a blogger, she's pretty sure of herself and you replied to her in a gentlemanly manner.
You were not at the club on the w/e, I was told you were working, email me ok. see you soon Kate xoxox.
Anonymous said…
vest at his best, god-onyer sport,
Vest said…
Kate. Yes it is him, and you have mail.
Vest said…
Super christian and spread the word bible puncher SADIE LOU has again failed to convert me to her way of thinking, consequently my last two modest comments on her blog were deleted.
Anonymous said…
The problem with Sadie is her dogmatic approach to her archaic christian beliefs, but I doubt if she would include martyrdom in the package, Sadie is a typical egotistically motivated would be know all. Her other personal interests include her passion for pot smoking, and oddly is a banner waving member of the anti alcohol brigade:)) Just another weirdo.
Vest said…
Yes frank, that about sums her up, Sadie I mean.
How do I get back to you?
Vest said…
Comments from known friends and associates may be sent by email until further notice, these if suitable will be pasted into the comment thread of your choice if requested. Most of you have already been informed by E mail the reason for this decision.

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