Short Ass bludger, Oz test bat Allan Border,is Now a DOCTOR ? According to English super bat.

Border has no right to question my courage Say's Big Kev Pieterson. of Short arsed Allan Border. Kev questioned Borders latest loud mouthing, Border stating Big Kev was too quick to head home after suffering a broken rib, It was only cracked and he could have come good in a couple of weeks.
Big Kevin Pieterson was struck by a ball delivered by the super mumbler and sledger, Glenn McGrath .
Border Say's Big Kev, played in 156 Tests. But that doesn't give him a Medical Degree, Its a load of crap from some one I have never met-and don't want to.

A B; watch out, a fat lip could be in the offing for you on big Kevs return to Oz . (I hope).

Condolences for the ex p-m (English) cricketer And current member of the Black & White minstrel show who is now Strayer's Fav One day Cricketer, Andy Symonds is a victim of good English bowling during the Oz bludgers defeat on Friday Jan 2.

"Cop That!" Andy Pandy, for defecting to the enemy. Get well soon; the Bludgers need your 'Lippy Salve' to shine the ball.

Australia (Strayer mate) Has qualified as the best mob of flanneled fools world wide.

Josh Massoud, Ray Chesterton, Pretty-Ian Payten, Ben Dorries, super prick Jon Pierek, and not forgetting Fanny Craddock. This bunch of one eye'd venomous Oz supporting.
so called sports writers, do more harm to the game than good, get your act together, cut out your hatred and bigotry, it stinks of unfairness and a pig headed attitude.


Anonymous said…
I have noticed and quite clearly too that Shaun Tait at 160 KPH plus is now on the super CHUCKERS list, it's painfully obvious to me but blind to umpires on the take.
Anonymous said…
anon,Its like vestie sez mate in another post- his bent wrist action gets him more propulsion and speed- but he's not getting many wickets as he would like and missing out on the kissing from his fellow limp wristed fem boys.
Vest said…
Anon & Gordon: Yes it does seem he is chucking, but then most fast bowlers get away with it, however, Gordon, his bent wrist may have some other meaning as you suggested.
Gordon: thank you for your Email good news.
Gordon and lady friend are to be wed soon. Congrats.
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said…
Gordon and lady friend ???

i tot Gordon is gay
Vest said…
Saby; or Jim. The over usage of the 'F' Word is not clever, it just shows you to be inadequate in your choice of words, I have explained this to you before, so I have no compunction but to delete your comment. I also have young Gr/Children who visit this site.

Jim: Gordon is not gay. but he is 6' 3" and 180 lbs, so watch it pal.

Call again, J B G, SABY.

Seems a shame you have to be obscene.
Anonymous said…
The depletion of six top players left the English cricket team underrated, but never tested.
What a shame that the English team's preparations for the cricket World Cup have been damaged
by having to play opposition that is so easy to beat, namely New Zealand and Australia.
Vest said…
Strong words Matt. I shall presume you have English roots. The weakest side in the Comp were the eventual winners; meaning England.
I quote:
Its not the size of the dog in the fight,
But the size of the fight in the dog.

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