No Blogging No visitors. Just a lazy weekend.

Very quiet, so I got a few oldie music masterpieces out, well I was the only person listening so there were no complaints, it was refreshing being able to hear the actual words of the song, instead of the mod version of bang clang noise, drowning the vocal drivel, sounding more like a M R Swahili choir.
Most of you wouldn't have a clue who the Artistes are, but here is a list of those musical legends I listened to while watching the cricket minus the dreary commentary.

Glenn miller, "In the mood" **
Sophie Tucker, "Some of these days" **
Judy Garland, "Over the rainbow" ***
Al Jolson, "My Mammy" **
Fred Astair, "Putting on the ritz" *
Delores Del Rio, "Ramona" ****
Deanna Durbin, "Waltzing in the clouds" ***
Eddie Cantor, "Making Whoopee" **
Jeanette Macdonald, "Merry widow Waltz" ****
Peter Dawson, "The Floral Dance" ***
Carmen Miranda, "I YI YI YI YI(I Like you very much)" ***
Rudolf Valentino, "Kashmiri love song" * (unusual)
Nelson Eddie, "Rose-Marie" ****(Rosemary's assessment).
Edith Piaf, "Hymn to love" ****
Joseph Schmidt, "A star falls from heaven" ****. A four ft eleven inch Tenor.
Richard Crooks, "The holy city" **
Rudy Vallee,"The stein song" **
Marlene Dietrich, "Falling in love again" **
Allan Jones, "Donkey Serenade" ***
Richard Tauber, "Vienna, City of dreams," ****. Former family friend, Rip 1948
Andrew Sisters, "Boogie woogy bugle boy" ***

Well, that is my Star rating, some not mentioned, never rated at all in my opinion.


Buzz Stephens said…
Speaking of Judy Garland, there is an exciting new group on Yahoo called THE JUDY GARLAND EXPERIENCE. They have ultra rare audio files that are changed frequently, great pictures, lively discussions, and more!
Anonymous said…
u 4got elvis and cliff richard and shakin stevens

Vest said…
The last Anon comment has a 'SABY' Hallmark. For those non classical legends of your Bang Clang Rock Era.
ELVIS, Minus *
Cliff Richard, * Only because he is English.
Shakin Stevens, Sounds like a personage destined for the rubber room, Minus***.
And less of the asshole; you asshole.

Saby is a colorful blogger identity, who has a credibility rating of 90% lower than that of a backyard car salesman.

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