We are moving, But only a short distance.

In recent months my wife and I have had our Idyllic lifestyle downgraded, To a 'We must move soon situation'. A lottery winning goof has moved in next door with umpteen kids from former relationships, two mangy dogs who poo in our garden plus a perpetually whining pregnant (wife?). Our other neighbors disregard any of our requests for them to remove dog poo from our property, this and other small irritating problems has prompted our moving to our new address two minutes walk away, a great position, two minutes to shops doctor dentist service station and of course the club and grog shop, our new shack is the largest in the avenue, 4bds 2bths rumpus lndr dble gar. Most of the packing will be finished before we return from holidaying in Tasmania and we move from here on Feb 8, I hope to be back on line by Feb 10, bye for now see you soon.


Vest said…
Thanks Bridget,Hope by now you are up and about again.
Up this morning early did a post on tshsmom, have been busy packing and carrying, phoning all those people one has to contact about our move. we have to do the shopping shortly as well as provide our son with enough tv meals and pizza's for ten days, it's hard to keep a level head amongst the confusion, the wife gets worried, but then again she loves having a good worry, like most women.
I doubt if I shall have time to reply to anyone as from now until Tues 7th Feb. Have a nice day. vest
Good luck with the move.

We have a lady with a big black dog that she can't control that always poops on our lawn. We have the corner house and a very large lawn, and it seems we seem to get most of her dog's poop.

A former co-worker said I should shoot the dog, but it's not the dog's fault that the owner can't control it. My wife when she catches her hands her a plastic bag and she does clean up the poop, but usually, she walks her dog at odd hours when we're not home.

As for bratty kids from a perpetually pregnant couple, luckily we don't have those in our neighborhood.

Hopefully your new neighbors are considerably better.
Anonymous said…
have a good vacation friend- i have ordered your book from amazon-it better be good or ill cut your balls off, LOL
Anonymous said…
Hallo Mr Vest. I do hope by now that you have heard the news today, and are pleased about the demotion of the Fed Govt Veteran Affairs Minister, The Govt Holy Cow, The Hon (I dont know about that)More like the Whoreibble De-Anne Kelly MP, Who with her other true blue govt dickheads knocked back the Gold Card for us Brit vets, More Qualified than some Aus gold card holders, anyhow I'm pleased.
BTW have a great holiday Friend.
Anonymous said…
Over-all, it sounds like the move will be a good thing.
Anonymous said…
ive been on the bible blog a la sadie- keeps deleting all my comments- time wasting
Anonymous said…
Hi ZED... been having a looksee too... A Gun toting...Pot smoking... Anti Alcohol... foul language tolerant bible preaching, sweet family person who cannot spell...an unstable shit for a brain.
yeah Zed... we'll be deleted when vest gets back
Anonymous said…
Hi gordon- your blogs shit like mine- just troll the blogs now-i like the zombie guy so im trolling over there next while this guy is on vacation
Anonymous said…
Hi Dad have a great trip to Tasmania, good to see you once again at the house of windsor all is well on the grand progeny front alas still only one heir to the throne of vest. 7/1

6/1/06 9:34 PM
Vest said…
I am back, but too busy at this point in time, as settling in to this new abode and with all the adjustments is taking its toll on me and I have lost over 5 kilos during the past six weeks, see you all soon I hope.
Vest said…
Zed and Gordon, I am not sure why I even bother to reply to your comments; just common courtesy I suppose. However your "The Cats away the Rats will play" comments; clearly display what a pair of Dickheads you are, if or when you do return please turn down the smut volume.
Vest said…
Hi there Gold Card Watchdog, thanks for the info. I did send a message to the person concerned; De-A K. explaining her sacking really made my day, could not have happened to a nicer person. Have you seen her? She has a face like a Hogs bum.

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